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Hacks and Cheats for PC Games (Updated)

By iWantCheats: Updated November 11, 2014

Welcome to, the premier provider of VIP hacks for first person shooter games on the PC. You won't find any surveys here and our cheats remain undetected longer than any other hack site. Have a look around and check out the hacks and cheats we offer for games you play.

What We Do at iWantCheats

We provide first person shooter hacks and cheats for PC Games.

We make hacks, cheats and aimbots for the most popular shooter games that are currently Online.

We also cover the best new games coming out each year, like our Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Hacks and Battlefield Hardline Hack we plan to release soon.

Our coder just released the new Advanced Warfare hacks to all our VIP subscribers. Why should you buy Advanced Warfare? Call of Duty has sold over 175 million games and it's the most popular shooter game in the world.

We also hire new game hacking coders all the time, Xeon just came back and plans to release 10 new cheats, we just released our Soldier Front 2 Hacks in October, 2014 to VIP members.

We have a site network of over 500,000 members and a coding staff who has 17 years combined experience making VIP Cheats.

Our coders are the first to ever create Hacks for Call of Duty and Battlefield based PC games, we have experience to keep you undetected.

Have a look around and head over to our hacks & cheats section when your ready to see all the games we cover and Download our Undetected Aimbot. If you already know what cheat you want then please go directly to our forum, register and get VIP access by clicking here.

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Undetected Hack Downloads 2014

Use our Undetected Aimbot downloads to unlock your weapons faster, rank up first and win every single round. Once you become a VIP you can download the computer cheat instantly.

The site was started in 2013 and was focused on 15 FPS shooter games. We have one of the fastest growing PC game cheating and Shooter websites in the world for 2014, so join us now for access to our game hacks.

While other online game cheating websites like to charge you money for just information, we actually give you fully Undetected working cheats and pc forum access for all VIPs.

We are here for one reason, to provide you the best Game Cheat, customer service and i cheats (what we call our cheat downloads). - Hacks Aimbots and Cheats for PC Games
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