About IWantCheats and What We Do Here

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IWantCheats is a website dedicated to making undetected cheats for first-person shooter PC games. We also just started making new cell phone games for both Android and iPhone. You can check out the cheats and hacks or our first cell phone game.

The staff currently consists of two main code developers, one artist, a web guy, and our animation expert. We also have 2 moderators who help and answer any questions you may have on our forums.

We are NOT taking on new staff right now but we will post here when we do decide to hire again.

Here’s the deal with IWC:

If you’re not ranking up fast enough…

If you get your butt kicked by all the teens in shooter games.

If you’re having to play hours or days to unlock everything.

Then IWC is here to give you the tools and help so you can get better.

We give you game cheats with over 40 amazing features to make the game more fun – give you better value for the money you spent – and we make you always want to come back for more.

Game cheats are a huge business and plenty of people use cheats in shooter games, check out this recent article by PC Gamer.

How iWantCheats Can Make You Have a Better Gaming Experience

We are a big believer in making video gaming better and allowing users to cheat in games to win every round.

We have been online with a variety of websites for more than eight years and over a million users who have tried our cheats.

When you use the cheats you will never want to go back to playing any other way, it makes the game that much fun.

So sign up now on our forum and join the best game hack site in the world!

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