Already Hacked: Call of Duty Ghosts

You have heard rumors since the release of Call of Duty Ghosts that hacks were developed during BETA… The rumors are true.

iWantCheats has released the first TESTED, UNDETECTED and MOST lethal hack for CoD Ghosts.

Unlock ALL characters, load outs, emblems & gear and have the ability to use any perk. Why limit yourself? With our hack you can Prestige at anytime, obtain any rank and add squad points whenever you want.

Your K/D ratio deserves better. Download now.


Eliminate your targets at ANY distance and deliver a headsot kill every time.


With the AutoSwitch feature, you can wipe out entire teams – the AutoSwitch goes to the next enemy automatically after each kill.


Guarding an objective is safe now with the ESP and Aimbot, enemies coming around any corner or jumping down to your location will be annihilated.

Get instant access to the Call of Duty Ghosts hack now.

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