Battlefield 4 Beat Engineer Support Class Cheats

They say it’s the little things that matter.

CUE: The Battlefield 4 multiplayer loadout changes with the BF4 Engineer Support Class.

XM25 air burst grenade launcher

These 25mm monsters that explode midflight with an annoying airburst effect can RUIN a snipers or campers day. With our ESP, you will be able to see the players firing this n00btube at you. The XM25 FIRES around corners, our BF4 ESP cheat SEES around corners, now that’s what you call balance.


Engineers can use the perk to lower explosive damage or just run around like a madman – which is always NOT fun. The support class can use the XM25 from level 1 – how is that even fair?! Also with our ESP you can find those pesky C4s and detect the MP-APS anti-rocket system!

Engineer Launchers

The Engineer class has the MBT-LAW that autolocks on vehicular targets – with BF4 ESP hack you can deploy countermeasures quickly. Even though the RPG/SMAW, are now unlocked a ways down during the engineer progression line in Battlefield 4, the RPG is powerful rocket and the SMAW now whips at you with a lower arc and can easily throw you off guard if you don’t see them coming with ESP.

When a player is using the IGLA rocket launcher, the longer your enemy looks at you after firing, the higher the chance you have of being hit, when you use our ESP, you can easy find the enemy and kill them – they won’t be looking at you at all – no need to chaff! Locate your opponent in Battlefield 4 using the lock on, fire and forget Stinger and protect your vehicles!

If you opponent fires the MBT-LAW, it WILL kill you – it’s an easy way to take out gun emplacements in the game. Use ESP to find and kill those Engineers in Rush and Obliteration modes with our easy to use Battlefield 4 cheat.

Now you can dominate and beat the Engineer Support class!

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