Battlefield 4 Hack Released: Undetected and Tested

After a series of tests, our BF4 hack is ready!

Unlike other sites, that throw together code just to make a quick buck, here at IWC, we are a strong community of thousands of members within our network of sites and we are dedicated to providing the longest undetected and quality cheats for the entire Battlefield series. Our cheat developer has over 7 years experience making hacks for Battlefield!

The powerful ESP allows you to always see the enemy, spot every enemy vehicle, see everything and everyone behind walls or objects, turn off the sky, smoke and sun + glare.

ALL of our PC game cheats are built for the new and veteran player with configurable options to set your preferred features within an easy-to-use in-game interface.

Even seasoned players will appreciate actually enjoying the game instead of grinding match after match. Especially those with school and jobs! Time is tight, so have fun with our Battlefiled 4 Hack!

Other sites have aimbots online getting everyone banned so we didn’t include one and everyone has been safe so far!

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