Battlefield 4 Hacks, Cheats and Aimbot [BF4]

Do We Have Undetected BF4 Hacks?

By Denise: (Last Updated August 25, 2019) – Our BF4 hacks have remained undetected while other sites offering cheats keep getting users CDKEYS banned. We have advanced code written into all our cheats that allow you to stay undetected by the anti-cheat that scans the game. So when you subscribe to VIP at IWantCheats you get the best and most protected Battlefield 4 Hack in the world! Our BF4 hack hasn’t been detected at all now that we have this new code in place to keep you safe.

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Is Using a BF4 Hack Really Fun?

When you start using any hack it basically makes the game seem like a brand new game. You can always see the enemy and react faster, you can lock onto the enemy with a gun and kill them even when they are parachuting out of the air and snipe people flying around the map in aircraft. Basically, a hack will make you like a superhuman in the game, it doesn’t get more fun than that! Check out the videos I posted below and watch how much fun we have in Battlefield 4.

Play using our Battlefield 4 Hacks and have more fun and get addicted to the game even more. Battlefield 4 is one of the top PC, Xbox and PS4 title launches in history, says CNN News. So if you don’t have the game or the hack get them both right now!

Battlefield 4 gameplay has been fixed and works flawlessly now, so if you don’t play or haven’t tried it now is the time to get a copy. When the game first launched it had some issues, but the developers have made it very stable at this point.

Have ALL your weapons and kits unlocked in HOURS not weeks. The 360 field of view will allow perfect visibility from behind you or directly in front of you. You will always know where your opponents are on the map whether the enemy is hiding in a house or coming at you from behind. Our chams make the models glow, so you can always see every player even if they hide behind a solid object.

While other websites are getting all their members banned with aimbots, our Battlefield 4 Cheats have no FairFight bans or Punk Buster bans due to only allowing members to only use a full ESP hack. You can see more here including more videos and screenshots we included, we also have the full feature list added to the page.

Snipe from the other side of the map or use the auto knife for an assassin like kill. You will own the Battlefield.

Does using our Battlefield 4 Hacks mean you won’t have a full aimbot? Not at all, we have a safe aimbot that only activates when your crosshair is over the enemy player, that means no bans for you.

The really funny part is when you aim your tank cannon at someone close up and they fly 300 feet in the air. The Battlefield 4 Hacks make the game more fun than you can ever imagine possible with so many amazing features. Check out the Battlefield 4 trailer below showing our code in action.

battlefield 4 hacks

battlefield 4 cheats

battlefield 4 aimbot

bf4 hacks[/one-half-first]

Top Battlefield 4 Hacks

Working with some of the most talented programmers we have managed to bring the hacks you are familiar with from other games to BF4. The list of hacks for BF4 available to you include ESP, Aimbot, Removals, and Anticheat and detailed as below:

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Nametags
* Distance
* Bounding Boxes
* Bounding Box Width
* Health Bars
* Fade

iwc-checkmarked Anti-Cheat
* SS Cleaner
* Punk Buster ByPass
* FF Tips & Tricks

iwc-checkmarked Removals
* Sky
* Fog
* Recoil
* Spread
* Sun
* Shake

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Selectable Bone ( BF4 Rotating BoneScan )
* Selectable Aim Key
* BulletDrop
* Visibility Checks
* Stick to target
* AutoSwitch
* Aimspot


Our BF4 Aimbot Will Blow Away the Competition

So many sites offer a full BF4 aimbot and all their users end up getting detected. Our coder put together a full aim assist feature that will automatically fire for you when your crosshair is over the enemy. All the bullets fire in random and various bones so your not banned by PunkBuster or FairFight during play.

If you are looking for a game that is packed with action, warfare and all the excitement you want then Battlefield 4 has it all.

It is a game which allows players to seek out and destroy their enemy with life like weaponry and skills. Play as a single player and test your skills to your uppermost limits. Discover all-new weapons, dog tags and XP boosts throughout the game. As you play you will be awarded new and better Battle packs to utilize throughout your game play.

Sink your enemies boats, blow up their hideouts and enjoy amazing graphics while you play.

Available on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC, you can enjoy Battlefield 4 on any system, but we only make cheats for the PC. We are the leaders in hack production and you won’t find any more reliable hacks, hints or cheats on any other site. I Want Cheats offers you the chance to unlock all the games features, battle packs and kits in just a few hours, leaving you the chance to enjoy all the game has to offer without having to wait for weeks.

We offer players a huge range of Battlefield 4 cheat codes, Battlefield secrets, and walkthroughs. You will enjoy the 360 field view which enables you to seek out the enemy from anywhere around you.

Avoid detection with our bf4 Aimbot hack, unlike players using other Aimbots available on other sites, our hacks remain undetectable.

Flawless Battlefield 4 Cheats

Our BF4 cheats allow you to always see the enemy no matter where they are located on the map. You can easily see the players behind objects using our ESP which will draw a box around each player. The ESP allows you to see the enemy coming around a corner or towards you so you can prepare to aim and fire before they know what hits them.

The Hacks let you aim your weapon and fire as soon as anyone rounds the corner or sticks their head up from behind something. You’ll end up looking like the best player in Battlefield 4 gameplay during any round.

Another great feature on our site is that you can exploit glitches within the game. This means you can take advantage of you rival players during game play. Light up your enemy with our chams cheat, you will find them wherever they try to hide making them an easy target to pick off.

Become the best sniper with our Aimbot leaving your opponents reeling with defeat. With a clever random shot feature, our Aimbot will ensure you hit your opponent with every shot without becoming detected.

Join the destruction and drama as it unfolds around you, Battlefield 4 is one of the best character player games on the market. Fight from the city streets, the skies and the seas. Get Battlefield 4 and immerse yourself into a game of strategy and almost total annihilation.

We also give you the fastest unlocks and rankings you can get without getting you banned. So if you want all the weapons, ranks, awards and more we can help you make that happen.

Unlock Everything with Our Battlefield 4 Hacks

Rank up fast and unlock everything in the game, most of our players end up having all weapons and ranking above 100 in just a few weeks. So sign up now, stay undetected and let us make Battlefield 4 more fun for you.

If your still not ready to grab a copy of the game head on over and read this BF4 Review and see why you need to start playing right now, still not ready to shell out some money? Then this NY Times write up should change your mind. Either way, once you finally decide to play this amazing game you’ll understand why no other PC shooter will ever beat it.

The majority of the popular multiplayer games have in-built cheats, which are locked prior to the game’s general release. These cheats allows player to gain as advantage over their opponents.

Our coders have over 7 years experience working on BF4 based games as you can see here. Once you become a member and download you can run the game and our menu will show in the game while you play, this allows you to change all settings and turn on and off what you like.

You can play with just full ESP on or activate everything, including the Battlefield 4 aimbot which will allow you to take the enemy down 20x faster. If you ever wonder why people seem like they can always see you it’s because they can, they are playing BF4 with the iwantcheats Battlefield 4 download and cheat we gave them. =)

To unlock cheats you will need unlock codes and the good thing is that we have done all the hard work for you. Our cheats include all the available bf4 cheat codes which you can use in either single player or multiplayer versions of the game. Here is another Battlefield 4 trailer so you can see for yourself.

Get one over your enemies and be ready to eliminate them before they even know what is happening. Our BF4 cheats will make is easy to locate your opponents wherever they are. Even if they are hiding behind objects the ESP will draw a box around them to show you exactly where they are hiding. Remember all our cheats here are for PC only so your Battlefield 4 Hacks won’t work with any console systems.

We are the leading provider of BF4 and other game cheats, and our cheats are undetectable using security software which is why we have never had anyone get banned for using our cheats and hacks.

Go ahead and download your cheats today and start winning battles. Why wait for weeks or even months to level up when you can do that with a few keystrokes. We have left a lot more to achieve in normal gameplay and still have an awesome experience.

The really great news is we plan to also cover Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 5 once it’s released before the end of the year until then you can play Battlefield 4 and get ready for the next big game in the Battlefield series. Head over to our forums now to sign up and join thousands of others and make your game playing experience more fun.

Publisher: IWantCheats
Category: PC Video Game
Operating System: Windows 7 & Windows 8.1
Requirements: Latest Windows Updates
Software Version: 2.8

Our BF4 Aimbot is Still Undetected by Anti-Cheat!

If you play BF4, you probably know the games protected by FairFight anti-cheat technology. In other words, if the hack or cheat you use doesn’t look like a legit player you’ll get detected and banned.

Nobody wants to have to spend money buying another copy of BF4, and you sure don’t want to lose a player you’ve been using for months that already has all the unlocks. IWantCheats gives you over 40 amazing options, and we won’t get you banned. =)

The Great news is our BF4 Aimbot remains undetected by FF anti-cheat to this day. When you lock on and fire the aimbot, it won’t stay locked onto one bone the entire time (which gets you banned). Instead, the weapon moves from bone to bone, looking like you are a legit player but still takes the enemy out before they can kill you.

Other cheat sites don’t care if you get banned, they release a quick hack and just take in the money. We’ve been working on Battlefield related games for more than ten years, and our coder has more experience keeping you safe than any other website on the internet.

Check out a few BF4 user reviews I posted and saw what our members have to say about the cheat.

Review 1
This feels like all other IWC hacks, a stable build and for me. The first time using the Aim Assist feature, I was very surprised on how effective it is and by far the best way for “legit” hacking. The ESP and removals are working just as they should and as they always do, I don’t have anything negative to say about this. All in all a nice stable hack that can easy be used and abused or used under to radar so to speak.

Review 2
The IWC BF4 hacks are great, the ESP, Aimbot, is just awesome! I leveled up from level 50 to level 100 just in 1 week. And now I’m level 123. I never thought I would reach this rank until I got the hack, every round I get 7000 EXP, how the can I level up? With the cheat, it boosts the level so quick that you will be amazed. If you have 200% or 100% EXP, boost, even better! Play Sniper class in hardcore mode, you can get 80+ kills easily! I just feel so lucky that I found this website. Thx IWC!

Review 3
As an older gamer (44) and reaction times not what they used to be I thought it time to try and level the playing field. I am an average but aggressive BF4 player and always play for the objectives. Rushing into areas in BF is a very risky business but with the ESP hack I can plan my route better.

I was always against cheats for various reason. The bad net code, recoil, map design, bugs, lag compensation, etc. in BF4 makes the game pretty hard to play.

This hack from IWantCheats pretty much evens the playing field for me. I know where the enemy is at all times, and I can plan my attack better.”

So give us a try and have fun hacking while you stay undetected.

Simply click here to register on our forum and then subscribe to the BF4 Cheat to get instant access.

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BF4 Hack Review
Average rating:  
 17 reviews
by Jenkin88 on BF4 Hack Review
Over a year and no ban

The mods asked us to review BF4 if we liked the hack so here is my quick review. Been playing with this hack for over a year (about 20 hours a week) and I've never been banned. Big props to the site and coder.

by Chris on BF4 Hack Review
Amazing, I'll never use anything else

I downloaded the Battlefield 4 hack a few days ago and I won't ever play again without it. I really love how I can see the entire enemy all the time, my stats are going crazy because I'm so good now, thanks guys!

by BF4Carnage on BF4 Hack Review
So far so good

I decided to pay for the BF4 hack and I made the right decision because the game is so much better now. I am able to see everyone, kill everything and win every match. I love being able to see the enemy at all times and lock onto them with auto fire. Buy the cheats here, you won't be sorry.

by Tom on BF4 Hack Review
Best BF4 cheats ever

These are the best BF4 cheats I ever used, thanks so much for making my game better. I didn't really like BF4 as much as I did BF2 until I finally found iwantcheats. I wasn't sure at first if I could trust the site but after I gave it a try I was very happy.

by John on BF4 Hack Review
Nice BF4 hacks

I've had the BF4 hack for 2 weeks now and ranked up about 60 spots to over 100. I love the hack and I've never been detected or banned once. The best thing is being able to see everyone at all times.

by Youseeudeadnow on BF4 Hack Review
BF4 Hack is the best!!!!

Thank you so much I have been looking for a Battlefield 4 hack that didn't suck and get me banned I went through FOUR accounts till I found this site and I can't thank you enough for making this BF4 hack and making one that works and is undetected. Thank you!!!!

by kidkilla247_1 on BF4 Hack Review

k i tried like 3 other sites before finding this site and this is the only site that has a working hack for bf4 and i know this cause other sites got me banned and they suck but you guys havent been using since few days after bf4 came out

by Andrew Feder on BF4 Hack Review
Best Hacks

I am so glad that i found this website! Ive been using these hacks since battlefield 4 came out and do not regret it at all. tysm ! much love - gamer

by Nick W on BF4 Hack Review
Best yet

these hacks are the best yet, and make the game much more enjoyable to play. In love with this site !

by Juan on BF4 Hack Review

Absolutely obsessed with the visibility check hack! I've been using this hack for a week and I can not stop using it!

by Hunter on BF4 Hack Review
ESP best hack

with ESP I have rarely ever lost a game! This in my opinion has to be one of the best hacks! I recommend everyone uses this hack!

by Kelly on BF4 Hack Review

Totally loving the Ingame Map ESP! Shows you all the enemies on the map! Helps so much! Thank you!

by Kill_Thingz on BF4 Hack Review
Can see everything!!

Never used a hack before that ESP is freaking awesome! Can see and kill everyone first and after a few hours unlocked everything. Def using hacks from now on ty

by Samsum on BF4 Hack Review
Never detected

I've used the Battlefield 4 hack for over 3 weeks and I've never been detected once. Awesome website and hacks.

by n00btube on BF4 Hack Review

Props for the hacks - battlefield is way better now

by HardCore on BF4 Hack Review
Most anticipated game ever!

Finally it's here and this team makes the absolute best cheat for it.

I'm glad I found this site! 🙂

by SnIpeR on BF4 Hack Review
Awesome BF4 Hack

I got the BF4 hack today and it's great, I love being able to always see the enemy.

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    Don’t be so harsh on cheaters, you would be surprised to find out who some of them are. =)

  2. skunkh78 says:

    I really believe that if you have to cheat to play a game then you take all the fun away from it. I was reading through some of your comments and saw where almost everyone says that they just got the cheat and they will never play without it again. If you can only win by cheating then you are never going to amount to much in life, your rank and status is based on lies and your life is probably the same. I can see how the world is going to fail because this is what our society is coming to. I am sorry if I offend anyone with this, just kidding I really don’t care if I offend anyone at all cause most of you reading this are a bunch of cheating no good worthless people that think they can call themselves gamers.

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