Battlefield 4 Map Hack

Battlefield 4 comes shipped with TEN different maps + support for all SEVEN game modes which equals ALOT of time spent learning the new maps. Thankfully, our BF4 hack has the BEST ESP that allows you to easily see the enemy, find the best places to protect objectives and TOP the leaderboards every game instantly!


It easy to get frustrated trying to complete objective based multiplayer game modes in new maps. NO ONE wants to be the guy with the negative K/D spread. NO ONE.

Learning the ins and outs of every map and the thousands of possible different angles found in the map just trying to figure out where to take cover, where you are prone and where you are most secure at any time in the game take WEEKS of playing. And even armed with knowledge of the game map, you can only predict with a SIGHT degree as where the enemy will be coming from. Success in this game boils down to knowing where the enemy is, and the best way to figure that out is to use our Battlefield 4 ESP hack.

Our hack will locate the enemy anywhere!


Even you veteran players don’t have the time to SLOWLY develop a sense of which angles you are vulnerable from, at a particular point in the game, and at a certain point in the map AND then figure out how to cover up these vulnerable spots better. You can do this INSTANTLY with BF4 ESP. And it won’t even matter where you spawn because you can see the enemy right away with our hack!

Battlefield 4 Maps

Siege of Shanghai
Paracel Storm
Operation Locker
Flood Zone
Golmud Railway
Hainan Resort
Lancang Dam
Rogue Transmission

BF4 Multiplayer Game Modes

Team Deathmatch
Squad Deathmatch
Squad Rush
Air Superiority
Capture The Flag

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