Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trailer Released

The revamped and random BF3 Maps:
Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf Of Oman and Operation Firestorm.

Operation Metro: blends well to Rush and not so much to Conquest
Caspian Border: designed for Conquest, and even reasonably well all the way down to TD ( for those that play? )
Operation Firestorm: classic? Hardly recognizable in its ruins
Gulf Of Oman: Fan fav to level to the ground with insane rocket fire.

More maps?! Already? Do not dismay, with our BF4 Hack you can use ESP to spot the enemy anywhere on the map.

New game mode: Capture The Flag:

Joining Obliteration, Defuse, Rush and Conquest is Capture the Flag, a daring flag-grab always thrilling. Is it just me or does CTF and Team Deathmatch seem out place on the Battlefield?

Swag: A dune buggy. Because that’s EXACTLY what you need in the Battlefield.

Released for Xbox One – release date for other platforms TBA

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