Battlefield Hardline Levolution Events & Easter Eggs for Every Map

battlefield hardline levolution

I went searching for some exploits for Battlefield Hardline because I had no idea how to do them, once I found a few I decided to post them here. I played Hardline for over 48 hours so far; I keep seeing more and more killer things (between all my deaths). I decided to go ahead and make this page that shows off exploits, levolution events, glitches, easter eggs, and whatever else I can come up with for everyone. Keep checking back as I’ll update when I find more stuff and if you have something I don’t comment below, if I use it you’ll win Battle Packs!

HollyWood Heights Map

Go down to the pool area where you’ll find three columns, take out two columns using any explosive to take down the front of the mansion.

Derailed Map

A large train bridge is in the middle of the map, simply fire at the explosive orange train car and destroy it to blow up the bridge.

Everglades Map

You’ll find three oil towers in the middle of the map. Go into the building nearest the drill rig and activate the button to start the rig. Go back outside and wait until you see green gas coming out of the bottom of the rig, stand way back, fire at the green gas and watch the fire take the tower down. Simply repeat this process for all three towers.

Grow House Map

Behind the grow house you’ll find a train yard with another explosive tanker. Keep firing at the tanker until you make it explode, it leaves a huge crater in the ground that has a secret tunnel going into the grow house. You can also blow up the red tanks on the wall inside the grow house to take out walls. Finally you can set the pot farm on fire by firing at the explosives in the middle, this sets off a huge fire and turns on the water sprinklers.

The Block Map

Find the apartment complex in the center of the map. Each apartment section can collapse on it’s on, there are a few ways to do this.

  1. Find a stove, fire at it, make it explode and watch the complex catch on fire. Not all stoves explode so find the right one. =) You need to do this for each building.
  2. Use grenades, rocket launchers, etc. to take out walls and blow a building down.
  3. Fire rockets from a helicopter at the buildings

Go to 5:20 in the video below for the tutorial.

RipTide Map

Go into the mansion located in the middle of the map and blow away everything inside. You can destroy every area of the mansion except for the doors.

This map also has a weather changing event where a huge storm comes in before the end of the map.

Riptide Easter Egg Dinosaur Head & Fox / Wolf Head

battlefield hardline easter eggs

Want to run around the map like a bad ass dinosaur or fox? RipTide allows you to do it, and it’s all explained in the video below. You have to be a cop to select the dinosaur head and select it as a gadget. If you want to be a wolf (looks like a fox to me) you have to be on the criminal team.

Downtown Map

Take out three of the four support wires to bring the crane down, you can do this with explosives or even helicopter blades if needed. This is one of the best levolution events in my opinion; I love watching it. Once the crane collapses you can get into other buildings easier, and it even blocks the road. You can also take part of the road out on the map as well.

Bank Job Map

You can take down the large chandeliers in the main lobby by firing at them. Go to the roof and set a charge to send the air conditioning units down to the first floor killing anyone under it. You can also put explosive charges on the walls.

Bank Job Map Glitch

hardline bank job roof glitch

This glitch allows you to get to a part of the roof many people don’t know how to get access.

Dust Bowl Map

At the end of the round, a huge dust storm comes in and limits player visibility.

Dust Bowl Drivable Couch Easter Egg

Have you heard about the driveable couch in Battlefield Hardline? This amazing easter egg called “The American Dream” allows you to drive a couch and kill people with it. The couch only spawns once per map so get it before anyone else does. Watch the video below for information on how to find and use it. Keep in mind the couch is the fastest vehicle in the game!

Secret Reload Animations Easter Egg

The developer confirmed they put in secret reload animations for a few weapons. The reload glitch doesn’t happen every single time, but it’s 1 / 10,000 reloads of a chance for them to happen.

Spot the Donuts in Downtown Easter Egg

Find the donuts and hit the spot button and watch what the guys say, they get pretty excited. Fast forward to 1:36 in the video below.

Battlefield Hardline Elephant Gun

Want the best sniper rifle in the game that can take out vehicles in one or two shots? The R700 LTR sniper rifle has a 338 magnum round that costs $100,000, when you buy this it will take out all vehicles and everyone in them with two shots. Want two, three or four kills at once? But this round and start getting massive kills!! I tried this and it’s well worth the money, I love blowing up cars and helicopters, especially when the heli is full.  =)

Taser Trolling and Revive Syringe Trolling

Taser the enemy, pull out the revive syringe and kill the enemy for massive points!

Battlefield Hardline C4 Launching (breaching charges)

Want to serious fun? How about launching into the air with some C4?

How to Make the Most Money in Battlefield Hardline Playing Hotwire Mode

People keep asking the best way to earn money in Battlefield Hardline, that’s simple, play Hotwire mode. =) When you play Hotwire you can make $30,000 or $50,000 per round easily, sometimes even more if you have a good team. It’s simple, get in one of the Hotwire cars (marked on the map by brake pads) and keep driving, the longer you stay alive and at speed the more money you earn. If you have the entire squad with you then you get even more points. I select the Mechanic class and use my UMP-45 decked out with everything as well as my M320 He to blow up the enemy, then repair the vehicle with the repair tool, that’s it.

Best Way to Spend Money on Upgrades and Weapons in Hardline

So you earned $250,000 and wanted to upgrade weapons? The video below shows you the best way to spend the cash you have, so check it out.

Submit Exploits, Glitches, Easter Eggs, Tricks, and More for Free Battle Packs

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