Battlefield Play4Free Hack

Over 50+ features included in our Battlefield Play4free Hack allow you to move up the ranks in no time at all! Destroy multiple opponents with the Instant Kill feature within the Aimbot to generate impressive scores and place first in every round. Why do you want to play for hours on end to slowly rank up and get unlocks? You don’t and that’s why we give you the ability to always place first and unlock everything in a few hours while you look like a legit player. If you really want to have some fun you can crank up the cheat and rage kill everyone on the map, it’s your call.

Unlock all items and weapons while ranking up and dominating every Battlefield Play4Free server!




Battlefield Play4Free Hack Feature List

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Deadly Accurate Lock On
* Bullet Drop so bullets hit at distance
* Full 360 FOV can even see behind you
* Bone Scan finds a bone to hit when the player hides
* AimKey can be set to use any Key you choose
* Head/Neck/Chest/Waist Target Boxes for variations
* Select Enemies, Friends, or Everyone as your target
* Prediction for better accuracy
* VehicleBot with perfect aim

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Name Tags show names
* Mini Map shows visual map of the objective
* Smart Bounding Boxes shows box around the target

iwc-checkmarked 2D Radar
* Reveals enemy positions.

bonus BONUS
* Save Various Cheat Setups and change in game
* Remove fog from all maps


Battlefield Play4free Hack ESP

All opponents are revealed on the map at all times even when they attempt to hide behind walls or objects. You are always ready to get your next kill knowing where the enemy is and if they are coming around the next corner. Aim down the weapon, prepare to fire, hold the aimbot key and watch them fall before they even see you.

You can easily destroy and locate vehicles – use your car and plow over the opposition at high speeds using the ESP bounding boxes to located everyone.


Save time and quickly rank up and gain superior fire power. Playing shouldn’t feel like a chore – unlock everything quickly to start enjoying the game faster.

Battlefield Play4free Hack Aimbot

Lock onto a players head and wipeout with one shot using our cheats even when the player lays prone, ducks or tries to run. You will also have the ability to use any weapon from a pistol to a sniper rifle to slaughter enemies across the map.

The KnifeBot makes close combat a breeze with quick assassinations.

Easily Accessible Menu


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BF Play4Free Hack Review
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by trapgod on BF Play4Free Hack Review

has anyone else fallen in love with the bonus hack or is that just me 0.o

by mrstealyogirl on BF Play4Free Hack Review

love the vehicle bot! it helps me out so much, addicted .

by timmmythetowtrucker on BF Play4Free Hack Review

best of the best! love this site

by combatdude on BF Play4Free Hack Review

i can finally see behind me ! SO FREAKING COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by broadyyo on BF Play4Free Hack Review

makes it so much easier to see objective, rad

by newRiceR0 on BF Play4Free Hack Review
vehicle bot

The vehicle aimbot is pretty cool

by hwisforunotme on BF Play4Free Hack Review
AImbot and ESP

I use these both and always win

by gunnerzclan on BF Play4Free Hack Review
Battlefield Play4Free Cheat Review

On behalf of the gunnerz clan we thank you for making this BF play4free cheat. We use this in the game to get the best scores and always win. I am sure you have all heard of our clan so just know that you can't join unless you have this hack.

by bytteme on BF Play4Free Hack Review
made me accurate more

not best with accuracy but with your play4free hack was accurate 1000000x better and killed more people almost whole team in recent match jajajajaaja

by Nookffs1 on BF Play4Free Hack Review
Best bf Play4free cheat!

Thanks for making this fav is the auto knife bot can sneak up and kill and they never seen me coming lololololololol

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