Battlefield 4 Hacks, Cheats and Aimbot [BF4]

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Battlefield 4 Hacks, Cheats and Aimbot [BF4]

Do We Have Undetected BF4 Hacks? By Denise: (Last Updated August 25, 2019) – Our BF4 hacks have remained undetected while other sites offering cheats keep getting users CDKEYS banned. We have advanced code written into all our cheats that allow you to stay undetected by the anti-cheat that scans the game. So when you subscribe to VIP at IWantCheats you get the best and most protected Battlefield 4 Hack in the world! Our BF4 Read more

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trailer Released

The revamped and random BF3 Maps: Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf Of Oman and Operation Firestorm. Operation Metro: blends well to Rush and not so much to Conquest Caspian Border: designed for Conquest, and even reasonably well all the way down to TD ( for those that play? ) Operation Firestorm: classic? Hardly recognizable in its ruins Gulf Of Oman: Fan fav to level to the ground with insane rocket fire. More maps?! Already? Do Read more

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trophies

In the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion, you’ll get to revisit iconic Battlefield 3 maps that have been revamped on the Frostbite 3 engine. Along with new weapons, assignments, vehicles and a new game mode; Capture the Flag are new trophies and achievements. Second Assault will feature four reimagined maps: Operation Métro Gulf of Oman Operation Firestorm Caspian Border. Read more

Battlefield 4 Map Hack

Battlefield 4 comes shipped with TEN different maps + support for all SEVEN game modes which equals ALOT of time spent learning the new maps. Thankfully, our BF4 hack has the BEST ESP that allows you to easily see the enemy, find the best places to protect objectives and TOP the leaderboards every game instantly! It easy to get frustrated trying to complete objective based multiplayer game modes in new maps. NO ONE wants to Read more

Battlefield 4 Beat Engineer Support Class Cheats

They say it’s the little things that matter. CUE: The Battlefield 4 multiplayer loadout changes with the BF4 Engineer Support Class. XM25 air burst grenade launcher These 25mm monsters that explode midflight with an annoying airburst effect can RUIN a snipers or campers day. With our ESP, you will be able to see the players firing this n00btube at you. The XM25 FIRES around corners, our BF4 ESP cheat SEES around corners, now that’s what Read more