Battlefield 3 was launched in October 2011 and is available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

DICE (Digital Illusions CE), the developers behind the Battlefield series, have brought another successful installment with Battlefield 3. EA offers Battlefield 3 in their series of first person shooters – the Battlefield series has found popularity as an extreme multiplayer FPS and ranks alongside other titles in the genre such as Call of Duty and Halo.

There are six available modes at the moment in terms of speaking about game modes. All game modes are displayed in all nine multiplayer maps for the base game except Conquest Assault, Tank Superiority, and Air Superiority. In Rush, Conquest, and Conquest Assault, attack helicopters and fighter jets are displayed.

Multiplayer action is very popular in Battlefield 3. A combined arms battle, that allows for various weapons, vehicles, and player units are what it presents.

DICE just doesn’t release games, the company is well known for extending gameplay with every release. DICE offered 2 different expansions with the original Battlefield, four to Battlefield 2, and now FIVE with Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 boasts superior graphics, extensive maps, and impressive vehicles. Additionally, the five DLC titles that are available for Battlefield 3 are: “Back to Karkand”, “Close Quarters” “Armored Kill,” “Aftermath,” and “End Game” offer new styles of gameplay, vehicles and challenging maps.

Battlefield 3 was DICE’s most expansive war game to date, Battlefield 4 will challenge that in the games upcoming release!


Battlefield 3 is set in the year 2013 with a majority of missions occurring within the US and Iran. The main storyline follows Sargent Henry Blackburn and players get the opportunity to play various roles during the main story line.

The solo campaign, in single player mode, involve missions that are displayed from flashback memories of Sgt. Blackburn rather than happening in order. All flashbacks revolve around a conflict pertaining to the US Marine Corps and the Peoples Liberation & Resistance.

Battlefield 3 offers the player various game modes for all different gaming styles:

The developers brought back Conquest, ( classic mode from Battlefield 1942 ) which enables 24 to 64 players to seize flag points on larger maps using vehicle and units. Also borrowing from Battlefield 1942, Team Deathmatch is back providing the maximum of 2 teams containing 12 players each. No vehicle is available in this mode. Squad Rush combines the Rush mode with smaller, 4-member squads. Rush ( seen in Bad Company 2 ) players use teamwork and turns either- protecting or destroying M-COM stations.

For those players that prefer smaller teams, Squad Rush runs Rush in a team of 4 and Squad Deathmatch allows for four teams with a maximum of four players on each team. In the Squad Death match row, the Infantry Fighting vehicle is available.

Users can also play a co-op campaign, which is a smaller series of tasks that allows gamers to play with a friend. Gamers will be satisfied using their TV screen by conjoining together in pairs online while the proper use of split-screen isn’t exactly supported. Partners can still defend each other successfully even not sitting side by side, by using the voice chat method. Another advantage to participating in co-op mode is points contained in this mode will unlock weapons available in multiplayer to use.

Players can choose from four different classes in multiplayer. The Recon comes with a sniper rifle equipped for gamers who prefer intel and long-distance fighting. Quick scoping has been hindered – players must hold their breath before firing. Also with recon, team members can spawn anywhere a marker is placed on the map by the team. The Assault class is your attacking and defending soldier, even though they now play the job of a Medic.

Battlefield 3 brings back up the Support class, in place of Medics from Bad Company 2. You will be able to restock other soldiers with more supplies and use suppressing fire if you play this role. The Engineer class is able to terminate vehicles with explosive weaponry- such as mines and rocket launchers, and will also be able to fix up damaged vehicles. Gamers who love vehicles will appreciate the machinery presented in Battlefield 3.

Nine different maps are provided in Battlefield 3. That’s an excellent offer, especially since each map is fitted for the various game modes. In other words, each of the game types allows for all nine maps. The combating can happen in numerous locations.

You’ve heard of the Battlefield games if you’re a first-person shooter gamer owning a PC, Xbox, or PS. As first displayed as Battlefield 1942 for Windows and Mac, EA has produced more than 10 various games in the series since 2002.

BF3 follows 2005’s Battlefield 2- which was popular as one of the best multiplayer shooters to ever be known. Battlefield 3’s release got over 3 million preorders due to its popular response from gamers once again. DICE (Digital Illusions CE), the studio behind the Battlefield series, released BF3 a year after its predecessor Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While they have taken many features from Bad Company, DICE has upgraded these in BF3 and give users the most intricate gameplay in the Battlefield series as of yet!

Although Battlefield was originally made for PC, it is also really popular on Xbox 360 and PS3. PC, you have the option for a hard copy for download through EA’s Origin platform for BF3. This file size is very big, so gamers need to make sure they have plenty of storage in their hard drive. The Xbox version of BF3 contains two disks, but only one Blu-Ray disk is necessary for PS3.

An iOS port is also optional as a streamlined, on-the-go edition, for gamers who want to take their gaming satisfaction to a whole other level.

Running on the new Frostbite 2 Engine, fan of the Battlefield series will notice the significant improvement in the quality of graphics. Developers at DICE produced Frostbite specifically for the shooter genre and the engine made its debut with Battlefield: Bad Company. At that time, features included: Destruction 1.0 that generated destructible environments and HDR Audio allowing for dynamic adjustment of the sound in-game.

No longer supporting DirectX, the Frostbite Engine has been noticeably upgrading and now takes advantage of the 64-bit and DirectX 11 for Windows XP. Providing out-of-the-box compatibility for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the engine has improved how destruction effects and dense city areas are rendered. The Frostbite Engine also features ANT, a new animation system that visual upgrades the movement of characters in-game.

Players on all platforms will receive new features such as the ability to attach bi-pod to specific weapons and to lay prone during gameplay. Enemy vision will become blurred with the use of suppressive as well.

PC users benefit from one of the most impressive features in Battlefield 3 made possible by the upgraded Frostbite Engine: 64 player matches. The ability for PC users to participate in 64 players was not possible in previous installments of Battlefield, but with the release of BF3, PC players are given an amazing increase within the multi-player mode.

BF3’s producer, Patrick Liu, said nothing is planned for a release of Battlefield 3 on Wii, even those EA showed interest in the upcoming Wii U console. Liu stated if inspiration strikes the new controls, a Battlefield game may come to Wii U for those Nintendo Fans.

DICE has delivered another great addition to the Battlefield series with the release of Battlefield 3. Offering a solid campaign, co-op mode and the variety of ways to play multi-player online, this title has endless replay value. Gamers still covet Battlefield 1942 and the latest installment Battlefield 3 is sure to be a fan favorite as well for years to come.

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