Call of Duty Ghosts Hack In Game Menu

Check out the IWC Call of Duty Hack Menu! You can adjust the ESP, Aimbot, Removals, and more with a simple click of the mouse! In the image below you can how easy it is to adjust the settings for the Aimbot.


A few of the settings you will find:

AimThru and AimAt
Knifebot: auto-kill with knife
AutoSwitch: goes to next enemy
Autoshoot: fires for you
AutoWall: fires through the wall
AutoZoom: gun when aimed
Field Of View: adjust to see 360
HumanAim: look natural
AimSpeed: set to slow or fast
PingCorrection: best at low ping
FriendlyAim: aim at your team
BoneScan: shows body parts
AimKey: hold to lock on enemy
VisibilityCheck: locks open shot

You can customize EACH setting during gameplay to allow for more or less challenging matches. Each setting is easily changed and adjusted. Don’t forget you can save up to FOUR different custom settings for different maps, game modes or your mood! Wipeout the entire team or use to gain an edge. Either way you are always winning with our CoD Ghosts hack!

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