Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats, Hacks & Aimbot

Our Call of Duty Ghosts Hack is ready and packed full of features which features our deadly aimbot that will find the enemy on screen and instantly kill them for you once they have been killed. It’s so accurate and powerful you can go make a sandwich at it will automatically kill for you! And with our HumanAim feature, you look like a pro! With alternate speed settings, AutoLock and BoneScan – our aimbot is the most powerful out there. Also don’t forget that if you like our other COD Hacks we plan to release the first ever Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Hack when the game releases this November.

NEW Rank Hack allows you to Prestige at anytime, have any rank and add unlimited Squad points.

It takes WEEKS of repetitively playing to unlock everything – why wait weeks? With the NEW Unlock hack, you will have everything: weapons, perks, and attachments unlocked with a click of the mouse and now you can really start dominating Call of Duty Ghosts. Unlock ALL Characters, loadouts, and emblems as well.

The optional Spam Chat will completely enrage other players 🙂 rub salt in the wounds of your opponents by spamming chat with: ” You can’t beat my aimbot”!

Also included is a COMPLETE in-game menu that can be accessed while playing to turn any feature on and off AND four available slots to save your different cheat settings. With the ability to save different settings you can completely RAGE one minute or just easily find your opponents with a single mouse click. The possibilities are endless.

Call of Duty Ghosts Hack







Call of Duty Ghosts Hack Features

iwc-checkmarked Unlock Hack
* All Characters
* All Load outs
* Emblems & Gear
* Unlock & Use Any Perks

iwc-checkmarked Rank Hack
* Prestige Anytime
* Have Any Rank
* Add Squad Points

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Autobot with AimThru and AimAt
* Knifebot auto-kill with knife within proximity of emeny
* Autoprone will put you in prone when fired at
* AutoSwitch bot goes to next enemy on auto
* Autoshoot fires for you
* AutoWall fires when a bullet can go through the wall
* AutoZoom makes the gun zoom when aimed
* Field Of View adjust the aimbot to see 360
* Human Aim, makes you look like your not cheating
* Aim Speed can be set to slow or fast
* Ping Correction aimbot works better during low ping
* Friendly Aim let’s the bot aim at your team
* BoneScan to locate visible body part
* AimKey hold down to lock on to the enemy
* Visibility Check only locks on when player can be hit

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Adjustable colors
* Displays Players Name, Distane, Pose and Weapon
* Bounding boxes with visible lines to enemies location
* 3D Boxes w/ skeletal view
* Locate Dogs
* See Dropped Weapons and Explosives
* Alerts when opponests or Explosives are nearby
* View where enemies are aiming
* 2D Radar

iwc-checkmarked Settings
* Adjustable Enemy, Team and Weapon Colors
* Set the fade of the radar & stats
* Four slots to save settings
* Ability to move menu
* Menu fully mouse controlled

iwc-checkmarked Removable
* No Recoil, gun does not move up when firing
* No Spread, all bullets hit dead center

bonus BONUS
* ZoomHack
* Chat Spam
* 4 Fonts
* Smiley Face / HeadDot
* PlayerHud, have your own hack HUD
* Draw Stats, shows your kills and more
* Chat Spam, spam in the game
* Draw Fps, show your frame rates
* Draw Time, watch your current time
* Crosshair, places a perm crosshair on screen


Call of Duty Ghosts Hack ESP

Call of Duty Ghosts Hack Lethal Aimbot

Make bets with friends on who will Prestige first and with out hack we both know who will win that bet! *exaggerated wink*

Unlock everything with a mouse click including: Characters, Loadouts, Emblems, Gear, and unlock and use ALL perks.

Call of Duty Ghosts Hack In Game Menu

The in game cheat menu is movable and is easy to use!

Features can be toggled on and off with a click of the mouse.

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 15 reviews
by quitcuzurdead on CoD Ghosts Review
Best cod ghosts cheat

After trying like 10 other cheat sites I finally found you guys and am so happy cause other sites ( DO NOT USE ANY ) have given me virus and lost my account which sucked cause had almost everything but I found iwantcheats hack for ghosts and got everything back in a few minutes so that was perfect just wish I found you sooner

by BATDAD on CoD Ghosts Review

even my wife uses these hacks 0.o sad to say she does kick my ass half the time now!

by Cakeonurface on CoD Ghosts Review
chat spam lolol

hack is awesome as always but you guys are the best for adding the chat spam people get so fn mad I cant stop laughing wtf


yo i hit the enemies right in the center, i never miss, whoever i play against ill find you and i will kill you.

by steven87 on CoD Ghosts Review
best site

hacks for this game are unbelievable ! SO HYPED i found this site!

by peter123 on CoD Ghosts Review

the aimbot has to be the best hacks in the entire game, hands down, ive went positive the entire time !

by james on CoD Ghosts Review
hacks are amazing

these are the best hacks ive ever used, definitely makes the game 100 times more enjoyable ! great site

by ricky on CoD Ghosts Review

love the fact that the esp hack lets you know when enemy explosives are nearby, saved my ass over at least 20 times !

unlimited perks

i feel so bad using the unlock hack but i cant help it, i get to use any gear that i want! will n ot stop using this hack

so many squad points

with the squad points hack it makes it so much easier to get guns and other weapons! dont know what id do without it


i love how autoshoot will shoot for me, makes the enemies so mad! and i rank up so quickly!

by tyrone on CoD Ghosts Review
best game yet

this game is the best idc what any of yalll mofos have 2 say! the hacks are insane! i go in at this game!

by DillaGhostz_1 on CoD Ghosts Review
Squad points adding awesome!!!!

Bought to unlock all the characters and got my rainbow background took a few minutes to set up tried other features love the aimbot when I am busy I use esp for gameplay now to get an advantage

by HazGilt333 on CoD Ghosts Review

Will confirm unlock works 100% as they say - took a few minutes to dl and install then click and everything unlocked

by BF4Killer on CoD Ghosts Review
Love the Call of Duty Ghosts hack

I got the hack tonight and went 78 - 0 the first round I played, this hack is amazing thanks.

5 thoughts on “Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats, Hacks & Aimbot

  1. Colt says:

    Is this available for Xbox 360? I see guys on here with a KD ratio of 93.50 and even 8889.20 with kills that number in the millions with deaths only in the thousands.

  2. SilentSLYR102 says:

    I want hacks for squad points and aimbot how do I get them

  3. blase says:

    This hack is amazing

  4. Joshua says:

    I want everything gold

  5. Need to get better says:

    I want this hack I want to be better how do I get it on the forums?

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