Call of Duty Ghosts Modded Lobby Scam

There has been so much confusion about the Call of Duty Ghosts Hacked lobbies – it’s time to set the record straight.

Here is how these Call of Duty Ghosts Hacked lobbies work:

You pay x amount of money to buy into a hacked lobby
You enter said lobby
The host of the lobby grants you ________ ( usually full unlocks + instant Prestige )
You leave the lobby and carry the “cheats” with you

In theory, these hacked lobbies sound great. You can even logically deduct that the hosts are the ones that are “REALLY” cheating, you could just say you accidentally went into the lobby and got all those cheats if worse comes to worse, *nudge nudge* righttt…?


Entering these hacked lobbies will cause your account to be banned. These “fly by night” hacked lobbies are equivalent to buying “name brand cologne” out of someone’s trunk in the local dollar store parking lot. It’s cheap and looks good – but when it stains your clothes and go back to said parking lot to return it, that trunk of cheap cologne and your money are LONG gone.

Same with the hosts of these lobbies, take it from the largest provider of game cheats in the industry, these hosts KNOW that your account will be banned and they don’t care, they just want the quick cash.

Now you are probably thinking, “well… iWantCheats is just hating on these hacked lobbies because they are the competition!”

Well we are in a way, but we bring the facts that happen to be in our favor. They aren’t our competition, we are a business with thousands of subscribers and 20+ released hacks for a variety of FPS games. And finally: Seriously?! – The numerous features we offer with our CoD Ghosts Hack put these lobbies to SHAME.

Our hacks:

– Tested throughout BETA before launch
– Monitored and tested 24/7
– Tweaked with every game patch
– Fully supported

If you are too stubborn to take our word for it, feel free to use these lobbies, we’ve armed you with the facts and our insight. But after you do, create your new account and come do some serious gaming with our Call of Duty Ghosts Hack, we will be here waiting.

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