Call of Duty Ghosts PC Patch

Update: There has been an official patch released for Call of Duty Ghosts.

Effect: Use our CoD Ghosts Hack as usual.

Side note: Riley’s fur now looks pretty smexy.


The patch includes the following:

Improved framerate performance when traversing moving platforms.
Improved latency for AMD graphics cards.
Improved performance issues caused by spamming.
Improved shader warming and level load performance.

Fixed crash in CODeSports play.
Fixed spawn crash for specific maps/modes.
Improved usability of broadcaster HUD.
Additional animations added for broadcaster mode.
Improved steam friends functionality.
Fixed smoke flickering and graphical corruption within blurred area of dual render scope.
Re-enabled fur and smoke DLLs from nVidia.

Additional Fixes
Fixed a variety of map specific spawn issues .
Fixed lobby migration closing the create a class screen.
Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
Fixed dog’s extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn’t equipped.
Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
Fixed issue when selecting store from squads.
Fix to remember spectator team when switching to freecam in broadcaster mode.
Fixed issue with loading into specific maps with ghost mask equipped.

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