Top 5 Perks in COD Ghosts

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Top 5 Perks in COD Ghosts

Once you unlock all the perks with a push of the button with our Call of Duty Ghosts hack – these are the ones we suggest you try out! Steady Aim Decreases your hip-fire spread by 30% with Steady Aim. Less hip-fire spread on every gun in the game. Perfect for close-quarters combat. Don’t aim, just shoot. Stalker Move faster while aiming your weapon’s sights down with the Stalker Perk. Using he perk will make Read more

Call of Duty Ghosts Unlimited Squad Points

Squad Points. These numerical points are standing between you and the weapon of your dreams. It’s day 5, around 4am and you just want your freaking weapon and the attachments unlocked!!! We feel you. That’s why we have included the ability to add any amount of squad points at anytime with our Call of Duty Ghosts cheat. Get that weapon NOW you deserve it. Plus, with 40+ other great features, you can completely SANDBOX Call Read more

Call of Duty Ghosts Modded Lobby Scam

There has been so much confusion about the Call of Duty Ghosts Hacked lobbies – it’s time to set the record straight. Here is how these Call of Duty Ghosts Hacked lobbies work: You pay x amount of money to buy into a hacked lobby You enter said lobby The host of the lobby grants you ________ ( usually full unlocks + instant Prestige ) You leave the lobby and carry the “cheats” with you Read more

CoD Ghosts Prestige Hack

Full Prestige Hack is just the tip of the iceberg of features offered in our CoD Ghosts Hack. Included is our powerful Aimbot + unlock all weapons, camos, and attachments. Impatient? Don’t have the time to grind to unlock all everything? Our cheat does that for you with a BUTTON CLICK. Simple. Our developers of the Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Cheat have been testing our hack throughout Beta, we use the exact same one Read more

COD Ghosts Easter Eggs

Our VIP members have found the best COD Easter Eggs! Using our COD Ghosts hack, our members have the time to actually enjoy the game! With the ability to UNLOCK everything with one click, our members aren’t grinding for squad points! For just the lulz to the plain out silly, here are the Call of Duty Ghosts Easter Eggs: Gil’s Lodge Motel LOL Alien Dolls Extinction Directly before the first major Hive, where the helicopter Read more