COD Ghosts Easter Eggs

Our VIP members have found the best COD Easter Eggs!

Using our COD Ghosts hack, our members have the time to actually enjoy the game! With the ability to UNLOCK everything with one click, our members aren’t grinding for squad points!

For just the lulz to the plain out silly, here are the Call of Duty Ghosts Easter Eggs:

Gil’s Lodge Motel LOL Alien Dolls Extinction

Directly before the first major Hive, where the helicopter comes to help, you will notice a Gil’s Lodge Motel sign. The lights are normally out, but our members noticed that occasionally 3 letters would light up that glowed the acronym “LOL”.


Shoot the L and O letters in the Lodge on the Gils Lodge Motel Sign in the following order: L-O-L. You can only see this with perfect aim and accuracy on the letters, the same perfect aim and perfect accuracy that our COD Aimbot gives you which will allow you to see “LOL” on the screen which indicates that you triggered the Easter Egg. Moving forward, when any alien you kill will explode into a downpour of teddy aliens. Repeat as desired.

Teddy Bear Squeeze

Go to the center of the Multiplayer map “Flooded” then stand on the top of the submerged bus. Look north to locate a vent and climb in it. The tebby bear can be seen at the top, squeezed between the vent and wall.

Trophies: Zelda, Mayan December 2012 & Doctor Who

Found in two different points in the game: Halfway through the Federation Day mission, during your escape from the skyscraper, these trophies are littered throughout offices on the main route and during the mission: Struck Down.

From left to right:

From left to right: Shaped in “The Doctor’s TARDIS” the trophy reads: “Award for Largest Interior with Smallest Exterior” > In the shape of the famous Rupee currency from Zelda this trophy was earned for: “most bushes cut and pots smashed” > If you believed the world was ending during the Mayan calendar fiasco of 2012, this trophy, given for “the world not ending in 2012”, was made just for you.

Saving Private Ryan

Kill every enemy around the soldier about to be executed during the mission “All or Nothing” and you are “Saving Pvt Ryan”. Our CoD Ghosts aimbot will unlock this CoD Ghost Easter Egg in seconds!

Star Wars Death Star + CoD Ghosts

Toggle the the aimbot off when tasked with sinking a ship with a Remote Controlled Torpedo because you have to fail to do so the first time and be told to “Aim for the thermal exhaust port”.

Sgt. Ellis Platoon

The patriarch in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign is named Elias, as is Sgt. Elias from the film Platoon. Rourke favors Sgt. Barnes, with his do’ rag and pronounced scar on his face.

Three Wise Monkeys

You click a button to unlocked all the CoD Ghosts perks with our hack already right? Good.

Head over to the Stealth category within the perks menu. Three Wise Monkeys, famous for the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” are referenced here.


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