Combat Arms Cheats, Hacks & Aimbot

By Denise L
We have the only undetected Combat Arms Hacks in the world and we have the most features for you to use. If you want to fly around the entire map we included the Ghost mode feature and more in our software. Combat Arms Reloaded is Free 2 Play and you can download it here.

Deliver mind-blowing multikills and epic nut shots with the numerous settings available. Make the cowards come out of Last Man standing mode using our NA game and destroy the opposition. Fly in the air and snipe an opponent on the other side of the map easily with the aimbot. If you want to rage or just look legit but still win it’s your call.

Combat Arms Hacks Combat Arms Hack

Combat Arms Cheats Combat Arms Cheat

Combat Arms Hacks Feature List

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Perfect Aimbot: Never miss a shot again
* No recoil: Removes recoil from your gun
* Aim FOV: Set the field of view of the aimbot
* Targeting Mode: Aim at the closest target by distance
* Bone Scan: Scan an enemy for a visible body part
* Stick to target: Track an enemy behind walls
* Auto Switch Targets: Automatically targets a new enemy when possible

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Name ESP: Show names on players
* Distance ESP: Show distance on players
* Bounding Box: Draw a box around the players body
* Customizable Boxes: Change bounding box sizes
* Fade Nametags: Fade nametages to prevent clutter

iwc-checkmarked PLUS
* No Spread: Remove your weapon spread
* No Fog: All fog removed from the maps
* Show FPS and current time on corner of screen
* Ghost/Fly: Fly through any wall, object, etc in game

bonus BONUS
* Ingame Menu: Edit all your settings on the fly
* Multiple Profiles: Three separate profiles
* Undetected: 100% undetected by HackShield
* Loader Based: Full custom loader that auto-updates


Combat Arms Hacks Bonus Goodies

Ghost mode: Fly through walls and under the map.

Superior Combat Arms Hacks Aimbot

Fly to the top of the map or into a building, press your aimbot key and watch as the enemy dies instantly, this is our fastest aimbot to date. You can basically hold the aimbot key down and watch as the enemy dies the bot will instantly switch to the next enemy and mow them down as well. You really haven’t had fun in Combat Arms until you start cheating like 75% of the other players.

Combat Arms Hacks Unbelievable

All your going to see on your game screen over and over again is “Unbelievable” because you’re turned into such a killing machine with our code. Simply register on our forum and your 3 minutes away from downloading the best Combat Arms Hacks in the world.

combat arms hacks

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Tim cox
Tim cox

I’m an older player of combat arms and yes I really do get tired of just getting my butt shot up all the time it does degrade my fun value I’m reluctant to hack I don’t understand the nuts & bolts of it and don’t want to get banned would u shed some lite for me please?


Your hacks are really good, thanks for everything.


I’ve been playing combat arms for several years now and have used a variety of hacks. These are by far the best so far on the market.