Counter Strike

Counter Strike – the online terrorist based FPS, made its debut over 12 years ago, has sold over 27 million copies and continues to be one of the best first person shooter worldwide. Released August 21st 2012, Global Offense is the latest expansion for the Counter Strike series.

Global Offensive has expanded its reach allowing for gameplay on four different platforms that support the online multiplayer mode; Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation.

Counter Strike has been resurrected with the release of Global Offensive and Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, can compete against each other in four various game modes featuring hostage situations and bomb plots. Several new weapons and classes have been added in this expansion and bullets now have the ability to penetrate through different materials and specific types of walls.

A much-anticipated upgrade to the online multiplayer system is the ability for users of Windows and Mac operating systems to now team up, increasing the pool of teammates players can choose from. A global leader board has been introduced and new features in global mode, such as player matchmaking based on rank & ability, enhances the competitive gameplay within the game.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Global Offense is packed with new equipment, characters and weapons along with challenging new game modes. Also included are new updated features and graphics that can be seen within the new levels offered with this expansion.

Players can choose to team up and destroy terrorist plots by taking the role of Counter-Terrorist or become Terrorists that attempt to execute intricate plots.

Global Offense follows the gameplay style of Counter Strike with two new game modes:

Arms Race: in this new Death Match mode players must use a new weapon for each kill – players must use every weapon available can successfully score a kill to win the game.
Demolition: in this mode the players abilities are challenged as weapons that weaker with each kill –winning the game requires skill and strategy.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive offers new maps to keep the gameplay and action interesting. The maps include different locations such as a safe house, a bank in the United States and an airport in Germany.

Multiplayer has been enhanced offering the greatest online gameplay to be seen as of yet in Counter Strike.

One of the new features is a rating system that determines the players level of skill which will help in optimizing matchups and create more balance in matches. New players will no longer be dominated and will have the ability to learn the game at their own pace while more experienced players can continue to be challenged.

For the competitive gamer, Global Offensive features leaderboards that display overall rankings. This expansion also includes 168 new awards reflected as Achievements or Trophies depending on the console that the player is using. To obtain these awards players complete certain objectives such as killing two enemies with one bullet or for obtaining a set number of kills with different weapons.

Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists will both enjoy enhanced gameplay with the unique weapons added in this new expansion. New equipment is available in the Global Offensive expansion that will provide to assist both sides.

More menacing than ever to humankind, Terrorists are now armed with a Tec-9 semi-automatic and a 7 round Sawed Off shotgun allowing the player to have an advantage in close-range combat.

Counter-Terrorists will also gain upgraded weapons such as the Mag-7 shotgun. More expensive than the Terrorist’s Sawed-Off, the Mag-7 is a clear favorite as a deadly weapon. The Mag-7 holds only five rounds and players cannot fire while they are reloading, unlike with the Sawed-Off.

The Decoy Grenade releases the sound of gunfire noise to distract the enemy, allowing players to use different strategies during gameplay. Players can trick the enemy into believing that the player is not alone since the grenade appears on the enemies radar. Eventually the grenade detonates causing deadly harm to the enemy.

A Terrorists exclusive weapon, the Molotov cocktail, has finally arrived in Counter Strike as a deadly mixture. Upon impact, the grenade erupts in flames causing anything in the environment along with any player within the area of detonation, to catch on fire. The Molotov cocktail does not only deal excessive damage, it can also act as a barrier to stop Counter-Terrorists. Comparably, the Counter-Terrorist’s exclusive weapon is the Incendiary grenade which is filled with flammable liquid and produces effects similar to the Molotov cocktail.

The Zues x27 is another weapon that is exclusive to Global Offensive. Sometimes referred to as the Taser, this weapon has the ability to kill an enemy in one shot. Players should note that the Zues x27 can only be purchased in Casual Mode must be dropped after one use.

Counterstrike players using the Mac and PC benefit from the precision of the mouse and keyboard. Xbox 360 players who are familiar with other FPS games such as Halo and Gears of War will appreciate the same use of the dual analog sticks as the controls while playing Global Offensive. Players on the PlayStation 3 have the choice of the standard DualShock 3 controller, USB keyboard / mouse, or the PlayStation Move.

Though a standalone game today, the Counter Strike series began as a custom mod of Half-Life and has a large dedicated community of hackers and modders to this day. Surprisingly, Valve encourages the modification of the series and ensures that the game has the ability to be customized. Global Offense continues with this tradition and fans are already enjoying the Mirror’s Edge map and Zombie Mode mods available.

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