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Dead By Daylight Review

Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer horror game. For those of you who don’t know, an asymmetric game is one where a single player or a group of players play the game differently from their opponent’s team. A few important asymmetric game series are Battlefield, Counter Strike, and Call of Duty.

Dead By Daylight is developed by Behavior Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. It was made available for MS Windows gamers worldwide on 14th June 2016 and can be purchased on the Steam store. DBD sold 1 million copies in just three months of its launch.

There are two editions of Dead by Daylight. The standard version is somewhat simple and only entails a copy of the game. It retails for $19.99 (currently on a weeklong sale!). If you’re looking for a little more fun, opt for the deluxe edition. It comes with the copy of the game, official game soundtrack, digital art book, two masks for Payday 2 and three free closed beta keys. It retails for $29.99 (also on a week long sale)!

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The Entity is a supernatural being from an old, evil place. It wakes up every time actions with bad intentions and malevolence occur. To stay alive, The Entity demands sacrifices. The Entity thus gets the assassins to kill the survivors. Once the survivors are murdered, The Entity feeds off their hopes and takes away a portion of their soul. Once this happens, the survivors are brought back to life and then the same order is repeated.

The survivors get pulled into The Entity’s enclosed world as they get close to the region from where the killer was chosen. The enclosed world has a campfire in the middle. The survivors then try to live and inevitably escape the enclosed world. The game is set in the night time, and players can choose from a variety of maps to play in. Some of them include a ditched junkyard, a cursed asylum, and a forest.

Benedict Baker:
Benedict Baker is an unseen character, who is commonly known for his journal entries, shown throughout the game and in the instructions manual.

The Bloodweb:
The Bloodweb is a concept developed by Benedict Baker. It can be accessed by both the survivors and killers alike, during their sleep or when thinking. Other than chests, the Bloodweb is the single feature in the game, which allows players to unlock receivables (sort of rewards).
Each character has its Bloodweb.

To unlock a receivable, a set of conditions should be fulfilled. After every receivable in a character’s Bloodweb gets unlocked, the character levels up, and a new Bloodweb is generated. After each level-up, players are given a better choice of unlockables. However, once a character reaches level 10, The Entity starts to restrict some items. Those items can only be unlocked at a later stage.

The unlockables range from add-ons, items, offerings (stuff you can burn in the campfire to offer The Entity, in the hope to achieve his mercy) to perks.

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The Gameplay:
Survivors: When playing as survivors, you get to choose from a variety of characters. They can be Jake Park, Meg Thomas, Dwight Fairfield, Claudette Morel, Nea Karlsson, Laurie Strode or Ace Visconti. The primary objective of the survivors is to get out of the enclosed area, which can be done by:

  • Repairing some deactivated generators – the amount is usually one more than the number of players – which then powers up to open large metal doors giving access to the outside world.
  • Escaping through a hatch once there is only one player left and a minimum of two generators have been reactivated. The hatch can be used at one of the many preset locations.

The survivors can run (sprint), walk and crouch. They get a third person view, which allows them a greater viewing space, thereby they’re able to see if the killers are creeping up on their back! They should save themselves from the killers by taking advantage of the darkness and hiding behind various objects or concealing themselves in lockers or buildings.

Each survivor is given a set of 3 unique perks. These perks are only available to an individual survivor unless the ability to teach others has been unlocked. Additionally, these perks can only be accessed by players through Bloodweb, and only a maximum of 2 perks can be utilized at any given time. Besides, there are some universal perks, which are available to all players!

Survivors can use a few items and traps, which can help in saving themselves from the killers. They can get first-aid kits from chests for healing themselves instead of waiting for a teammate. Furthermore, maps can be used to find where generators are situated. In addition to that, flashlights can be employed to blind the killers (only for a short period, though) and toolkits can be utilized to repair the deactivated generators.

Survivors receive a bunch of (somewhat amusing) benefits while the killers don’t, like the ability to sense downed teammates, this makes it easier for players to help fellow survivors. Additionally, the survivors get to know whenever the killers are nearby, thanks to different factors such as the killer’s heartbeat are audible, and it gets more serene when the killer keeps on getting closer.

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When playing as a killer, you can choose from a generous assortment of monsters including The Wraith, The Hag, The Shape, The Hillbilly, The Nurse and The Trapper. Each monster has its set of peculiar abilities. You can walk at a slightly faster speed than a running survivor. However, you cannot crouch or run. Also, you have a first-person view.

You can subjugate a survivor by:

  • Striking them twice with a weapon. The first hit will cause the survivor to limp, whereas the second one will make them drop to the ground and crawl.
  • Capturing them while they’re hiding in lockers, repairing a generator or rescuing a fellow survivor from the meat hook.
  • One of The Hillbilly’s special abilities is its chainsaw attack, causing the survivor to fall on the ground in one go.

Once you have captured a survivor, you can kill them by:

  1. Offering them to The Entity, this can be done by hanging the survivor on one of the many meathooks and waiting for The Entity to finish them off.
  2. Using a Memento Mori, which gives it the ability to kill the survivor using its hands.
  3. Using special abilities IE: The Hag’s perk Devour Hope or The Shape’s Judith’s Tombstone.

Once a survivor has been hanged on the meathook, they’ll enter stage one. Here they have a meek chance of escaping or being rescued by a fellow. However, this comes at the cost of risking early death through bleeding out. If a survivor manages getting off the meathook and then gets hung again, they enter stage two.

Here, they cannot escape themselves, and only a teammate can rescue them. Moreover, the survivor is required to keep on pressing the spacebar, also known as the struggle button, to prevent The Entity from collecting their soul. Subsequently, if a teammate rescues the survivor and they get hooked again, they’ll immediately be killed, and their soul will be devoured by The Entity.

You can always see the generators throughout the map, which enables you to patrol for survivors. Moreover, if any of them start making weird noises, then it’s made apparent that the survivor is playing around trying to repair it. Thereby making it easy for you to capture them.

You, however, have to face some issues of speed in contrast to survivors. For example, the killer takes a short pause after hitting the survivor, to clean the weapon. Also, climbing through windows is a lengthy process for killers.

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Graphics: Many gamers have complained that the graphics are preset and unsatisfactory. To be honest, I think they’ve done a reasonable job, considering the game is set during the night time.

The Good: I found the gameplay addictive, and for the first few weeks, I was enthralled by the idea of the game. It was quite fun in the starting phase; this might be because I only played it light heartedly instead of competitively (recommended to everybody, never take any video game too seriously), but anyways.

There were times when I was utterly happy after playing a genuinely exciting match (hardly happens, the matchmaking sucks. Will discuss next). Oh, and the Kill Your Friends mode is fun too!

The Bad: The matchmaking is severely stupid. First, when I started playing, I was often put in a lobby full of experienced players. Many of them were on Level 20 (some above that). I think this is incredibly unfair, as there’s no way a newbie can match with someone who’s been playing for a long time, this makes it an annoying experience. For those who want to play competitively, the matchmaking algorithm just won’t work.

Moreover, the server is entirely peer-to-peer based, and only the killer can host the lobby, this makes it terribly difficult for the survivors to play well, because of the huge ping difference. I’m used to checking my ping in online multiplayer games because I play COD a lot.

Besides, you can’t play with friends in a ranked match. Even though the Kill Your Friends is fun to play, it’s not enough, because it is an invite only mode. Therefore, we don’t get any Bloodweb points. Additionally, we can’t invite our friends to a ranked lobby, which is a pity in my opinion. What did I to overcome this? I kept skipping lobbies until I was with one of my friends, this must have been painstakingly irritating for other players.

The game is riddled with bugs, and it gets incredibly infuriating at a stage. It took developers over 5 MONTHS to get rid of the infinite windows glitch. Long story short, I don’t think developers themselves are trying to fix the bugs, to be honest. The objectives never change, and the game gets boring after a month or two.

dead by daylight dbd cheats

System Requirements:
64-bit OS (Windows 7 onwards)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce 760 with GB RAM or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection(mandatory)
Storage: At least 15 GB on HDD
Sound card: DX11 Compatible

Dead By Daylight effectively plays its role as a horror game. It successfully simulates the human mind with sudden noises and the graphics (special shoutout to developers for basing the game in the night). However, I believe, if developers focus more on the existing bugs and issues than continuously developing new downloadable contents, they will get more positive reviews and happy customers.

All in all, I enjoyed playing Dead by Daylight, and I recommend this to every horror fan! If you want something a bit more laid back try our Battlefield 1 Hack.  =)