Beginners Guide to Play PUBG Like a Pro: Strategy & Tips


PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the most trending and addictive shooting and battle-style games that has managed to draw in thousands of players around the world of all skill levels. As more and more players are drawn into the game, many have been in search for a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide that explains the best and most successful strategies to propel their gaming experience. Information about weapons, maps, strategies as well as beginner to advanced techniques are the most sought-after search topics about PUBG. Below you find the most comprehensive guide on the web that will give both novice and advanced players a go-to reference to compete at the highest level.

In this guide, we will cover everything from A to Z, encompassing foundational aspects ranging from simple PUBG gaming definitions as well as a variety of tested strategies and tricks you can utilize to improve your success. Make sure to check out our list of PUBG guides for more information on different aspects of the game. You can also view our latest PUBG Hacks & Cheats that include aimbots, ESP wallhacks, radar hacks and more.


Table of Contents

Recommended PUBG Settings

To maximize any gaming experience, it is always important to first investigate your game settings. Your PUBG settings will have a big impact on how your gameplay is experienced which can, in turn, affect your performance. The default settings are perfectly fine, but a personal touch can also be done to suit your needs. Here is a further PUBG Pro Sensitivity Settings Manual.


  • FPS (Frames per Second) Settings: These are referred to as your basic in-game settings that can be adjusted to maximize your PC performance and output. Below is a recommended outlay of settings being tested and used by advanced PUBG players.
Screen Scale 100-103
Anti-Aliasing High
Post-Processing Very Low
Shadows Very Low – Test Dependant on specific PC performance.
Textures High
Effects Very Low
Foliage Very Low
View Distance Very Low
V-Sync Off
Motion Blur Off

The above settings are simply to guide you in terms of previous tests we have run. If you have a high-performance PC or feel that these are inadequate during gameplay, you can attempt to increase the settings listed in the table above.

  • Display Settings: Video settings are designed to increase your FPS and aid your PC to perform better during your gaming sessions. Under ‘Display Settings’, you may try the following:
Display Mode Full-screen
Resolution Use your standard screen resolution
Lobby FPS Cap Set max FPS handled by your PC
In-Game FPS Cap Set to “Unlimited”. Or use “Display Based” for automatic game adjustment.
Smoothed Frame Rate Set to “Off”
  • Audio Settings: The best option when it comes to optimal audio settings is to use headphones. Especially when you want to hear the in-game noises such as footsteps, movements and gunfire at far distances. We recommend that you ensure all SFX plugins are turned off before attempting to play PUBG as these plugins may negatively affect the in-game audio.
  • Mouse DPI (Dots per Inch): By adjusting the DPI for your mouse, you can instantly adjust pointer speed for precision tasks, such as in-game movements and targeting. In our previously mentioned sensitivity guide, a DPI of 800 or lower is used by most pro players.


Parachuting is an often overlooked yet very crucial aspect to the start of your PUBG gaming session. Selecting your preferred landing zone once you have departed the plane requires the correct timing if you want an effective outcome.


According to our experts, it is recommended that you depart the plane approximately 1-2kms from your desired landing destination, then without opening the parachute, you glide your way to your pre-planned zone. As you approach your target location, tilt your mouse direction downward and open your parachute. Test different techniques to find your most suited option.

Many strategies exist when it comes to parachuting in PUBG. Some gamers tend to circle around their desired landing zone until the moment is right to drop in. However, we recommend that you do not wait too long, as your enemies may beat you to the landing zone and receive a more advantageous and strategic position.

Dropping Zones

Your dropping zone is very important as it could be a make-or-break situation. Land in an unpopulated area off the beaten track and you will be way off from sought-after weapons and loot. In comparison, dropping in on crowded areas and you instantly risk being killed by your enemies early on.

Your own personal gameplay strategies will come into play here. But balancing risk and reward seems to be the most important factor. In PUBG, dropping into a competitive map area requires you to think fast, have fast reactions and ensure that you gain a protective yet suitable position to fight your way through any close-by enemies.

Finding Guns & Weapons

Experience tells us that the more populated towns and landing zones tend to have the highest concentration of guns and weapons in PUBG. Of course, this will come with the risk of more enemies competing for the same weaponry before you get there. Always be prepared and ready to take aim and protect yourself. The pros recommend that, when possible, attempt to land on the roof of a building and work your way downwards, while searching for guns on the way down. This will allow you to avoid enemy fire from higher positions.

It’s important to find a weapon as soon as possible to defend yourself from any immediate danger. Thereafter you can search for your preferred gun. Staying alive and not taking damage is your main priority when the game starts. Once you know your surroundings, then you can push ahead to acquire the best weapons and combat positions.

PUBG Weapons

The PUBG game has a very large variety of weapons that you can choose from. Selecting your preferred weapon will be highly dependent on the strategy that you wish to utilize for that specific map or gaming session.

Read our PUBG Weapons Guide: Which Guns are the Best? for more detailed information and features on your favorite pro weaponry.


  • Assault Rifles: PUBG players often use assault rifles as their standard weapon in-game. These guns include the AKM, M416, AUG A3, Groza and the Scar-L. Generally, ARs (Assault Rifles) use a smaller size ammunition round such as a 5.56mm and 7.63mm. They come with a good range of impact and have the ability to switch between single and automatic fire.
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs): SMGs are recommended for short to medium combat firing and are highly dangerous when used indoors or within a close quarter firing situation. Examples of SMGs include: Uzi, Tommy Gun, Vector and the UMP45. They come with 9mm bullets, or 0.45 ACP rounds. Submachine Guns also have the option of changing between single and automatic firing.
  • Sniper Rifles: The ultimate in long-range weaponry, as you know it, is always the sniper rifle. Generally, more difficult to use than other guns, but with enough practice you can use the range of PUBG’s sniper rifles without being seen to deliver enemy kills from hundreds of meters away and still survive. There are four primary sniper rifles within PUBG: M24, Win94, AWM and Kar98k. Pro’s recommend using the AWM for maximum damage infliction. 
  • Shotguns: Shotguns are most suited for close combat situations, within buildings and the various structures you will find on all PUBG maps. Get them early when parachuting into the battlefield. Common shotguns include: S686, S12K and the Sawed Off shotgun.
  • Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs): As the name suggests, the DMRs in PUBG are highly advanced and precision-based weapons used to zero in on your enemy targets from a distance. They are a combination between assault rifles and sniper rifles, therefore giving you quicker firing speeds with the benefit of longer-range capabilities. Designated Marksman Rifles include: VSS, Mini14, SLR, QBU and the SKS. Less recoil combined with the ability to fire single automatic and semi-automatic makes the DMRs a very attractive gun to use in combat.
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs): The major benefit of using the light machine guns in PUBG, is that they have a rapid rate of fire and a much larger magazine size than most weapons. However, you must consider that most LMGs take a very long time to reload and leave you very vulnerable during that period of time. Common LMGs include the M249 and the DP-28.
  • Pistols: When it comes to pistols in first-person combat games, they form the core of any combat scenario at close distance. Running out of Ammo? Using a larger caliber weapon and suddenly an enemy appears around the corner? Just want to have some battle fun? Then the pistol is your go-to weapon in PUBG, and there are a vast variety to choose from.
  • Crossbow: The crossbow in PUBG is a very unique weapon to use for a range of reasons. Whether that’s to try killing your enemies at a far distance similar to the benefits of using a sniper rifle, or to simply experience a new weapon, the crossbow can be very enjoyable and tempting.
  • Melee Weapons: PUBG offers a variety of common combat-based melee weapons such as the crowbar, sickle, machete and frying pan. The frying pan allows you to protect a small area of your body from incurring damage due to enemy fire. When playing zombie mode, the crowbar and machete in PUBG can be very useful when no other weapons are available for you to use.


PUBG Weapon Damage Charts

Below, we will provide a detailed breakdown of each class of weapon within PUBG. We will compare 6 main categories: Base Damage, Fire Rate, DPS, Time to Kill, Shots to Kill (Chest) and lastly, Shots to Kill (Head). Your gameplay strategy will always require the correct weaponry usage for maximum effectiveness. It is extremely important to study the charts below so you can compete with the best players in the field and remain competitive.

Sniper Rifles


Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)


Assault Rifles (ARs) and Light Machine Guns (LMGs)


Submachine Guns (SMGs)






The Best Guns in PUBG Tier List

The weapon statistics in our previous section can give you a good understanding of which one may suit your combat strategy and needs depending on the various situations you may encounter. Of course, selecting which gun to use is a matter of personal preference.

Below we have compiled a tier list to help you navigate the many options available when considering the best to worst guns to use in PUBG.


  • God Tier (Best Weapons): Weapons included here are the AWM, M249 and the Flare Gun.
  • Tier 1 (Strong Weapons): M24, SKS, Kar98, Groza and the SLR.
  • Tier 2 (Above Average Weapons): AKM, M416, Scar-L, M16A4, QBZ96, Mk47 and the M762.
  • Tier 3 (Average Weapons): S1897, Uzi, UMP45, Vector, Tommy Gun and the DP-28.
  • Tier 4 (Below Average Weapons): S686, P18C, VSS and the S12K.
  • Tier 5 (Worst Weapons): P92, P1911, R1895, Crossbow and the Sawed Off shotgun.

The Best PUBG Attachments

You can enhance your PUBG gameplay effectiveness with various exciting attachments to choose from. Attachments are additional accessories and add-ons that give you the ability to increase the power and performance of your weaponry arsenal. 


Read our Attachments Guide for the Best PUBG Weapon Attachments to use. There are over 25 PUBG weapon attachments available to choose from, giving you a wide range of options to upgrade your guns. These attachments can improve your weapons by increasing performance such as ammunition amounts, shooting range and better recoil control.

  • Scopes: The scope enhancements that are available in PUBG include the 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x zoom. Scope attachments are rated by pro players as the best weapon attachments that have a direct impact on your gameplay and success rates. A special and limited scope is the 15x, which can only be found in supply drops.
  • Suppressors: Decreasing the sound of your gunfire is also another major benefit which is also commonly referred to as the use of a silencer. The suppressor is attached on the nozzle of your weapon which makes it more difficult for your enemies to locate you through gunfire sounds. Each category of firearm (Pistols, Assaults Rifles, SMGs and Sniper Rifles) has its own unique suppressor attachments.
  • Compensators: To limit the movement of your gun during firing, PUBG has an attachment known as a compensator. This allows you to minimize the recoil of your weapon and therefore helps you hit your enemy targets with more precision. PUBG allows you to only use a compensator for Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs.
  • Flashhiders: For long-distance shooting players, flashhiders play a critical role by hiding the flash from your gun nozzle when firing at an enemy. This attachment allows you to avoid detection, keeping your hard worked for firing position from being found and giving you an extra edge over your competition.
  • Extended Mag: An extremely competitive edge can be achieved by increasing your magazine size in PUBG. Some weapons only allow for a limited number of rounds before you have to reload and leave yourself in a vulnerable position. Extending your mag can truly be a method to obtain extra enemy kills while staying alive through intense battles.
  • Quickdraw Mag: Certain guns such as the Light Machine Guns (LMGs) have a much longer reload time. The quickdraw mag attachment will allow you to decrease the amount of time that it takes to reload your weapon during combat in PUBG.

Zeroing Distance

With all first-person shooting games such as PUBG, zeroing in distance refers to the skill of being able to aim and shoot effectively with precision at enemies from a reasonable distance away while causing the necessary damage required. At the beginning of this guide, we gave various settings adjustments that can assist you in improving your zeroing distance ability.

Canted Sights in PUBG

What some may call a secondary scope on your weapon, is also commonly referred to as canted sight. The canted sight attachment was released in previous and more recent versions of PUBG which gives you the ability to improve your combat scenario skills and become more like a pro player. We wrote a detailed guide that is full of various tips to help you gain the maximum benefits from this PUBG attachment.

Best PUBG Equipment


Our PUBG equipment section will give you a detailed overview of all the different items that you can use to increase your winning chances. Ensuring you have a good understanding of the PUBG: Battlegrounds equipment range is crucial to becoming a well-rounded player. Below we list all the various items:

  • Armor (Vests): BUPG has a large variety of body armor that you are able to loot throughout your gameplay sessions. As you can imagine, body armor will help protect you by lessening the damage dealt by enemy fire hitting your body. Below are the different categories of protective vests:
    • Level 1 & 2 – Police Vest
    • Level 3 – Military Grade Vest 
  • Helmets: Many of the weapons in PUBG allow for single-shot head kills. Helmets will help protect you from head damage, giving you a greater fighting chance of being eliminated from well-positioned enemy fire. Below are the different levels of helmets available:
    • Level 1 – Motorcycle Helmet
    • Level 2 – Military Helmet
    • Level 3 – Spetsnaz Helmet
  • Grenades: In PUBG, grenades can be an extremely effective weapon and equipment piece in close combat situations, to clear out buildings or rooms and during strategic gameplay. Grenades can be used to your advantage on both offense and defense. Each grenade in PUBG has its own unique use cases:
    • Smoke Grenade – When used correctly, a smoke grenade can create a smokescreen that blurs your visibility to the enemy eye. Use this item to increase the success of offensive attacks or to save yourself from exposed positions momentarily.
    • Frag Grenade – These grenades need to be “cooked”, which means that you do not deploy the frag grenade instantly but rather wait a certain period of time, to ensure that explosion occurs when needed. This avoids wasting your items as it gives minimal time for your enemies to run away.
    • Flash Grenade – A flash grenade is designed to temporarily blind and confuse your enemies during various combat scenarios. Although it is somewhat difficult to execute, it can be a very beneficial item to use as your opponent will be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Backpacks: After parachuting into the battleground, you will initially not have a backpack. Ensure you find one earlier on to place all your looted items within it. In PUBG, backpacks come in three levels. Each level will allow you to hold a greater amount of looted items and equipment which gives you a more competitive edge.

Best PUBG Vehicles

Driving vehicles in PUBG can be a ton of fun and provide a unique experience within multiplayer and first-person shooting games. Having a good understanding of the various vehicles in PUBG and how to use them effectively, can give your gaming ability a much-needed boost. Being able to get to positions quicker, pick up teammates, exit and enter highly contested battle zones at a faster speed are just some of the benefits of using vehicles in PUBG.

  • Buggy: The buggy may not be the best vehicle when it comes to hilly and mountain-based terrain. Although it provides a fast way of transport, its durability and protection against enemy fire cannot be compared to the UAZ. The buggy vehicle can be found on most PUBG maps.
  • Motorcycle: As you can imagine, the motorcycle provides a fun experience within PUBG. Throttle up to full speed, hit large ramps and elevated areas and get maximum lift-off. The motorcycle also allows you to pick up a teammate for a duo combat experience. No vehicle is more exciting to drive.
  • Sedan:  As a basic method of transport and the most commonly found vehicle in PUBG, a sedan can provide a great solution to your basic transport needs. The sedan will help you get from location A to B with an average level of protection against enemy fire.
  • UAZ: The UAZ has been rated by our pros as one of the best vehicles to use in PUBG. Available in most maps, the UAZ has the highest level of protection combined with the ability to hold 3 extra teammates including yourself. Although the UAZ may be slightly slower than the other vehicles in PUBG, it can provide efficient and effective offensive attacks on highly controlled enemy positions.


When driving in PUBG, you have the ability to choose between different game views. Each view will essentially provide you with a completely different experience when it comes to driving a vehicle. First-person is the most realistic option, both as the driver or the passenger and places your viewing angle from within the vehicle as it would be in real life. Third-person, however, gives you a bird’s eye view of the vehicle which can increase your control and visibility of your surroundings. Passengers have the ability to shoot from the vehicle at enemies through windows. Driving in PUBG also has the added option of switching seats with your teammates while driving. 

Spawn Locations

When testing out the various maps available in PUBG, you will notice that certain spawn locations have a high concentration of equipment types, weapons and vehicles for you to use. The pros recommended knowing exactly where most vehicles can be found on each specific map to gain a greater advantage over your competitors. A vehicle can help you cover ground much faster, which will allow you to reach gun spawn locations to loot weapons and upgrade your gear for enhanced combat experiences. Any extra edge in PUBG will go a long way to ensure you stay alive and gain the maximum amount of kills possible.

Our maps section at the end of this guide will provide comprehensive spawn location details that are the most preferred options for you to add to your PUBG strategy. Study these, save them and become a much more advanced game player.

PUBG Killing Guide

When it comes to PUBG, or any first-person multiplayer shooter game, the main objective has always been to get the most kills and be the last survivor on the battlefield. Either kill or be killed. The adrenaline rush and satisfaction from being the best player in terms of kill count can not be understated. Developing the best gameplay strategies and techniques is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome. We have created a list of some tips recommended by the pros for getting more enemy kills:

  • Always be agile and on the move: Unless your gameplay involves being a sniper, it is important to always be constantly moving than a stationary target. Your enemies can discover your position through a variety of techniques and take you out early on. It may be tempting once you have found a good position, but from previous experience, the best tactic is to make yourself a constant moving target. It also allows you to cover ground more effectively, finding loot and weapons, while remaining alive and constantly being on the offense. PUBG allows various player movement abilities such as running, crouching and laying down. Use a mix of these combined with agile and fast gameplay to give you the best possible chances.
  • Use hard cover objects and structures: In PUBG there are many objects and structures such as buildings, walls, trees, cars and natural landscape objects for you to hide behind. Use these as cover to avoid damage and gain a competitive edge compared to a less advanced player.
  • Minimize the enemy’s line of sight: All first-person shooting games involve line of sight, which essentially deals with how much exposure you have for an enemy to be able to shoot you. Always stay covered and expose only a small amount of your body to open fire. The less exposed surface area makes it more difficult for your opponent to shoot at. Use the different movement capabilities within PUBG, such as crouching and laying down when engaging in combat situations.
  • Don’t rush into killing an enemy: There are many considerations to undertake before engaging in a gunfight with an enemy. Is your line of sight good? Do you have cover or are you exposed? Do you have a full clip of ammo or must you reload? Your main priority is to avoid detection, wait for the perfect opportunity to take aim and fire on your enemy. It is also important to consider how contested a certain area is on the map. After one kill, you may immediately find yourself in a situation whereby multiple enemies are surrounding you. Always be prepared for multiple combat scenarios taking place at the same time.


Blue Zone

The blue zone in PUBG is a massive damaging dealing zone, similar to a force field. It is an area on the map that you must get out of, it will get bigger and bigger as the game progresses. The restriction of the playing field is what is referred to as the blue zone. If your health is low, you can be in serious trouble by not returning within the safe zone of the map. The closer the game is to finishing, the more deadly the damage dealt by the blue zone becomes.

Always pay very close attention to the map and your surroundings in relation to where your enemies may be hiding. Avoid getting stuck in the blue zone at later stages of the game, the damage will be greater and your enemies will not have to inflict large amounts of damage to kill you. Being within the safe zone will take one less worry off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on better combat strategies and tactics in the final minutes of the game. 

Gameplay – How To Win In PUBG

The ultimate goal of all first-shooter games is to win. PUBG is a highly competitive game with a large mixture of beginner and pro players that utilize a variety of different strategies to achieve the best outcomes. It takes determination, concentration, skills, teamwork, practice and the right strategy at the right time to give yourself the biggest chance of surviving and winning the game. We have developed a list of tips to help you win in PUBG at any skill level:

Solo Mode

Solo gameplay can be extremely difficult to master if you are not an expert of the game with tons of experience. You can often come up against a squad of enemies and be outgunned instantly. It can be very tough if you are a beginner to go out on your own and survive until the end of the game. As a solo player, your only chance is to depend on survival tactics by avoiding enemy contact in the early stages of the game. Playing as a squad allows you to have protection from different angles and formulate strategic scenarios of offense or defensive tactics to win the game.

Duo Mode

Duo mode in PUBG can be a very effective method of gameplay, you are able to share loot between you and your partners which can aid each other in improving the equipment available to use. Teamup, stick together and most importantly watch for enemies that you may come in contact with. The pros recommend coming up with a duo strategy before the game begins, know what your objectives are and which weaponry you will both use to compliment your skills. Healing also comes into play within duo mode, never be too far away from your partner in case they are killed. However, you also don’t want to be too close, as this may make for an easy target for your enemies.



It is always suggested that you ensure the availability of medical items when looting. No matter how good you are, beginner or a pro player, you will incur damage in every single game. Healing can be a game changer and the difference between winning and losing. Apart from being able to heal your teammates, you can also share medical equipment from your backpack with them. Become a team player or just ensure your own survival, the choice is yours! But never underestimate the power of healing in PUBG.


Aiming is a very important skill to develop in PUBG. If you cannot aim, then your chances of surviving are very small. It takes patience and many hours of practice to master this skill to compete at a high level. Even while having the best weapons and equipment, without knowing the correct aiming technique you risk the chance of being killed very early on. Our pros recommend that you should aim down the sights while crouching for the best stability and chances of hitting your target. Upgrades such as compensators and thumb grips can help you to decrease the recoil from large caliber guns and as well increase the aiming speed when using a scope.


Vaulting in PUBG refers to the action of climbing over a solid structure around or in front of you. Vaulting can be performed by using the jump button while you are approaching the object you wish to get over. These structures may be a wall, large stone, or crate. Practice using the vaulting technique at speed to develop a good and well-rounded arsenal of skills.

Another tactic commonly deployed when using the vaulting function, is to vault into buildings or over fences and walls when surprising your enemies that are hiding away. Pulling this off strategically can be a very effective technique.

Event Pass

Unlocking rewards and items can be achieved through the event pass, which is similar to a monthly ticket that allows you to level up your character. Want new skins? New body gear? And maybe some new clothing? Then make sure to get your event pass. Although this does not have a direct impact on improved gaming performance, it definitely gives you a nice way to personalize your character and stand out from the crowd.

PUBG Zombies Mode

Zombie mode can be extremely fun yet challenging at the same time. You’re not just competing against other opponents but also large hordes of zombies attacking from all directions. We recommend conserving your ammunition if you want to stand a winning chance in this game mode. The use of melee weaponry becomes very important so that you are able to conserve your ammo against human players and much larger zombie bosses that you may encounter. Choose wisely and always be prepared for the unexpected. Your Battle Royale skills can be improved by engaging in zombie mode. Read our advice to cope with the intense amount of action-fueled combat that you will experience during the zombie attacks.

PUBG Strategies

There are a vast array of strategies and techniques that you can use in PUBG to improve your chances of winning or just to become a better well-rounded player. Many of these strategies are similar across most first-person shooting games. It is always recommended, that as a beginner, you should read through this entire comprehensive guide and try to understand all the basic aspects of the PUBG game. Become a master of the simple commands and understanding of the game. Watch various YouTube videos and become accustomed to the different weapons and equipment. 


There are multiple aspects to PUBG that can be incorporated into your gameplay strategy. Use them all and study them, these include: parachuting, selection of landing zones, various maps, early game tactics, looting, aiming, healing, weapons and equipment, vehicle usage, blue zone damage and so forth.

PUBG is not just about shooting bullets and getting kills, the goal is ultimately to survive as long as possible. Once you are part of the remaining final players, your chances of winning the game will increase significantly. Your mindset must be one of constantly attempting to increase your chances on all fronts. Help your teammates, collect more weapons and gear, stay alive and of course, have a pre-planned strategy to stay one step ahead of your opponents. 

PUBG Map Comparison


The Sanhok map in PUBG is known for its fast-paced combat style, matched with intense gunfire and limited space. Encounters here with enemies happen all the time, so be prepared. The map has a very mountainous jungle theme and differs vastly from the other PUBG maps due to its compact size and landscape. Players often have no choice but to engage with opponents immediately after landing in their desired zones.



Completely unique to the other three maps: Sanhok, Miramar and Erangel. The Vikendi map in PUBG has a frozen tundra terrain and is commonly known as the snow map. Vikendi also has a night mode which can make it immensely difficult to spot enemies waiting to kill you. Often the deserted houses and structures have enemy snipers lying in wait to take you out. Be prepared for the unexpected in this seemingly open map with wide fields surrounding you.



The Miramar map is the largest, most open-spaced map in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Also known as the desert map, there are large stretches of untapped desert terrain. Being the largest map, gameplay is generally much slower and more calculated with gunfights taking place at all corners of the map. Miramar is the perfect long-range map best suited for players who have a love for marksmanship. Using snipers and assault rifles are the weapons of choice for most players as it can give you a significant edge over other gun choices. As you can expect, due to the blue zone impact, the Miramar map can get more competitive as time passes by.



Erangel was the first map ever created in PUBG. While also being a very large map, the land coverage is not as large as you will experience on Miramar. As voted by the experts, Erangel can be a fan favorite, extremely competitive and attract the best in combat situations. Your skills will truly be tested in this outstanding PUBG map. You will have to combine all your skills including stealth tactics, lotting options and strategic shooting strategies to ensure the best possible outcome and your survival. There are tons of buildings and structures that you can use to your benefit. Study the map and find unique advantage spots to overcome your enemy attacks.


Looting in PUBG

Looting in PUBG is extremely important, however, do note that the best looting locations are the most contested and you are sure to run into your opponents. Here we identify the best looting locations for each of the PUBG: Battlegrounds maps, listed below:

  • Sanhok: The highest grade loot can be found on Ruins, Paradise Resort and Bootcamp.
  • Miramar: The ultimate looting locations can be found at Pecado Casino & Gym, Prison and Hacienda Del Patron.
  • Vikendi: A high concentration of good loot can be found in Dobro Mestro, Goroka and Volnova.
  • Erangel: The best weaponry and loots are known to be found at Pochinki, Military Base and Mylta Power.

PUBG Tips and Tricks


Below we have compiled the best tips and tricks to help you level up your PUBG gaming skills, get more kills and most of all, to provide you with the best first-person shooter experience as possible:

How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

We have created a completely different guide to help you further understand how to approach the different battleground aspects while combining various in-game strategies and techniques that can be utilized across each of the four maps. Take the time to read through the various information to gain more valuable insight.

How To Survive in PUBG: Battlegrounds

Many of the best PUBG players such as Shroud are masters of survival. It is commonly believed that this may be the most important aspect of the game and the key to winning. View our latest stealth and survival tips.

Differences in PUBG on Console and PUBG on PC

As you would expect, playing on PC compared to Console can have many differences that may affect your gameplay. It is essential that you know the main differences to ensure your skills can be utilized regardless of the console. PUBG is available on Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile platforms.

Interesting PUBG Statistics

Below we will list a variety of important and interesting PUBG statistics that can have a direct effect on your gameplay and success rates:

Target Accuracy: Shooting and hit accuracy have a direct correlation to your kill ratio. By achieving and maintaining a high degree of accuracy you have a higher chance of winning the MVP status award in your gaming session.

Player Deaths in Different Erangel Blue Zones: Avoid becoming a victim of the blue zone on the Erangel map by studying these statistics on what areas have been deemed more lethal over thousands of gaming sessions.

Hot Spots and Safety Locations in Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok and Erangel:

Miramar Hot Spots and Safety Locations – Coming Soon

Vikendi Hot Spots and Safety Locations – Coming Soon

Sanhok Hot Spots and Safety Locations – Coming Soon

Erangel Hot Spots and Safety Locations – Coming Soon

The best PUBG Cheats, Hacks & Aimbots 2022: Why you should use

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  • Custom Colors and Fonts: Change to what you enjoy.
  • Zone Surprises: Wait in the new zone and kill someone right when they make it inside.
  • Radar Hack: Shows you all enemies with PUBG ESP radar hack.


  • PUBG Aimbot: Hit one button, lock on, and then kill the enemy fast.
  • Prediction: Aims at the enemy based on movement speed.
  • Smoothness: Allows you to adjust how smooth the aimbot works.
  • HITBOX: Select the area where you want to hit the enemy.
  • Custom aim key: Fire with the mouse or any keyboard key.
  • Visibility Checks: PUBG Aimbot won’t fire at someone behind an object.
  • Autoswitch: Change to someone else after your kill.
  • Custom FOV: Allow the PUBG hack aimbot to see certain distances.
  • Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat Measures if directions are followed.


  • Spectator Count (On/Off)
  • Visible Player’s Color Adjustment
  • Invisible [Hidden] Players Color Adjustment
  • Configuration to Save settings
  • Configuration to Load Saved settings