The Best PUBG Attachments Guide For Every Weapon



Although the PUBG battlefield is scattered with outstanding weaponry and constant airdrops that allow for more possibilities. You also have the option of powering up your guns with a range of attachments to take them to the next level or simply customize them to match your exact combat needs.

Attachments included within PUBG entail: scopes, magazines, muzzles, grips and stocks. These upgrades to your guns can modify the performance of your weapon by improving features such as: more ammunition capacity, decreased recoil when firing, increased firing range distance, advanced scopes and crosshairs, and much more.

In this PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield guide you will find a list of attachments for each specific gun category as well as various characteristics and features that make them the best option for your choice of weapon. We recommend that you become well accustomed to the various attachments available to make the most of your gaming experience. For more detailed information, be sure to view our full PUBG: Battlegrounds Guide for tips and strategies to play like a pro.

PUBG Weapon Attachments

Assault Rifle


PUBG players often use assault rifles as their standard weapon in-game. These guns include the AKM, M416, AUG A3, Groza and the Scar-L. Generally, ARs (Assault Rifles) use a smaller size ammunition rounds such as a 5.56mm and 7.63mm. They come with a good range of impact and have the ability to switch between single and automatic fire. Here is a list of attachments specific to the AR:

  • Compensator, Suppressor & Flash hider.
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Half Grip
  • Red Dot Sight & Holographic Sight
  • 2x, 4x and 6x Scope magnification

Submachine Guns

SMGs are recommended for short to medium combat firing and are highly dangerous when used indoors or within a close quarter firing situation. Examples of SMGs include: Uzi, Tommy Gun, Vector and the UMP45. They come with 9mm bullets, or 0.45 ACP rounds. Submachine Guns also have the option of changing between single and automatic firing. Here is a list of attachments specific to the SMGs:

  • Compensator
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Half Grip
  • Red Dot Sight & Holographic Sight
  • 2x, and 3x Scope magnification

Sniper Rifle Attachments


The ultimate in long-range weaponry, as you know it, is always the sniper rifle. Generally, more difficult to use than other guns, but with enough practice you can use the range of PUBG’s sniper rifles without being seen to deliver enemy kills from hundreds of meters away and still survive. There are four primary sniper rifles within PUBG: M24, Win94, AWM and Kar98k. Pro players recommend using the AWM for maximum damage infliction. Here is a list of attachments specific to the Sniper Rifle:

  • Suppressor
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Cheek Pad – Decreases vertical firing movement and recoil recovery
  • Bullet Loops – Only applicable to the Kar98k (decreases load duration)
  • 6x, 8x and 15x Scope magnification

DMR Attachments


As the name suggests, the DMRs in PUBG are highly advanced and precision-based weapons used to zero in on your enemy targets from a distance. They are a combination between assault rifles and sniper rifles, therefore giving you quicker firing speeds with the benefit of longer-range capabilities. Designated Marksman Rifles include: VSS, Mini14, SLR, QBU and the SKS. Less recoil combined with the ability to fire single automatic and semi-automatic makes the DMRs a very attractive gun to use in combat. Here is a list of attachments specific to the DMRs:

  • Compensator & Suppressor
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Light Grip
  • 4x, 6x and 8x Scope magnification


Shotguns are most suited for close combat situations, within buildings and the various structures you will find on all PUBG maps. Get them early when parachuting into the battlefield. Common shotguns include: S686, S12K and the Sawed Off shotgun. Here is a list of attachments specific to the Shotgun:

  • Choke – reduces bullet spread
  • Bullet Loops



When it comes to pistols in first-person combat games, they form the core of any combat scenario at a close distance. Running out of Ammo? Using a larger caliber weapon and suddenly an enemy appears around the corner? Just want to have some battle fun? Then the pistol is your go-to weapon in PUBG, and there are a vast variety to choose from. Here is a list of attachments specific to the Pistol:

  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Suppressor


The crossbow in PUBG is a very unique weapon to use for a range of reasons. Whether that’s to try killing your enemies at a far distance similar to the benefits of using a sniper rifle, or to simply experience a new weapon, the crossbow can be very enjoyable and tempting. Here is a list of attachments specific to the Crossbow:

  • Quiver – reduces your reload time
  • Red Dot Sight & Holographic Sight
  • 4x and 6x Scope Magnification

PUBG Scope Attachments


First-person shooting games such as PUBG give players the ability to aim down the sights (ADS) through the use of scopes or sights that are positioned on the upper rail of the weapon. These scopes serve as an effective attachment to improve the precision of your aiming for various scenarios and combat situations. Only certain guns can be equipped with scopes and all guns found on the floor come with no attachments. So find your scope as soon as possible for those long-range battles.


The term Ironsight refers to the standard metal optic that is found on every weapon in PUBG, it gives you the ability as a standard scope to improve your precision in aiming with quick efficiency. Until you have the time or luck to find a more suitable scope, your only alternative will be to use the Ironsight. We recommend that all beginners get well accustomed to aiming down sight with this standard gun mechanism. An additional benefit is that recoil is also generally less when using the Ironsight over other larger magnification scopes.


The Holographic Sight in PUBG is considered a 1x reflex sight with a sharp reticle, most players generally prefer the red dot sight due to a less bulky frame attachment which may reduce awareness. The Holographic Sight is recommended for closer-range combat fights and is best used as an attachment for ARs, SMGs and LMGs.

Additionally, the reticle’s brightness can also be adjusted by rolling your mouse wheel and also a color change can be achieved between green and red by utilizing the zeroing keys. Pro tip: We recommend using this sight at a max distance of 100m when targeting opponents.

Red Dot

The Red Dot sight is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to PUBG gun scope attachments. It is an open holographic sight that projects a red dot in the center of the glass pane which you look through. Best suited for close-range combat situations, the time taken to aim down the sights is also increased by up to 20%. The only drawdown is a slightly less clear reticle, but The Red Dot sight has a much thinner and less bulky frame for optimal situational awareness.

2x Aimpoint Scope

Although this scope may seem less powerful compared to other large scope magnification sizes, the reticle allows a player to have a calculated method of range finding. Best suited for close to mid-range combat scenarios, the 2x Aimbot scope is an excellent choice for most PUBG players. As an added tip to determine the general range for shooting, at 100m an enemy will fit within the top and outer circle, at 200m distance your enemy will fit between the dot and outer circle and lastly, at 300m away the width of your opponent will be the size of the dot on the sight.

3x Backlit Scope

The 3x Backlit scope is a great attachment for mid-range engagements and a somewhat compromise between the 2x and 4x scope features. You can also use the reticle as a rangefinder for targets that are approximately 100 to 400 meters away from you. To do this, you can match the shoulder width of the target with the horizontal lines seen through the scope. Based on the current lighting of the environment, you can also adjust the reticle’s brightness.

4x ACOG Scope

The 4x ACOG scope is probably the most utilized scope attachment within PUBG. Giving you the ability to target players during mid to long-range engagements. The 4x scope no longer has an adjustable zeroing distance and is set at default to 100 meters. However, it does come with a built-in distance finder which makes it extremely useful. The 4x scope is limited for use as an attachment only on ARs, SRs and DMRs.

6x Scope

A very rare scope indeed, powerful and gives players the ability for excellent magnification due to its compatibility with assault rifles and submachine guns. It is definitely the highest-powered scope for guns that do not fall into the DMR or sniper rifle category. As with the 4x scope, the 6x scope also gives PUBG players a reticle ability to use the included rangefinder best used for standing targets that are 300 to 800 meters away.

8x CQBSS Scope

The 8x CQBSS scope is known as the ultimate long-range scope to have within PUBG. You can only utilize this scope on SRs and DMRs to increase their aiming magnification. We recommend that you hold your player’s breath when aiming as the weapon may sway when using this specific scope. It is very rare to find this scope, so definitely pick it up when the chance arrives.

PUBG Magazines


Need to increase the amount of ammunition that your gun can hold during intense battles? Or maybe you just need to improve the reload speed of your weapon? Then these magazine attachments in PUBG are considered to go-to option to achieve these very important in-game capabilities. There are various magazine attachments available in PUBG, you can view some of their specific features below:

Quick Reload / QuickDraw Mag

The QuickDraw Mag is not an extremely popular choice by most PUBG players as other Mag attachments below offer combined features. However, the Quick Reload attachment allows players to achieve a much faster reload time of up to 30%. This specific attachment can be utilized on a variety of weapons such as all DMRs, SMGs, SRs as well as the S12K, P18C, P1911, P92, the Skorpion and a few more.


A fan favorite for dealing more damage during intense close-range fire battles. The extended magazine attachment allows players to increase the magazine holding capacity of various guns to ensure that they do not run out of ammo during those important battlefield encounters. Similar to the Quick Reload attachment, the Extended Magazine can be used on all designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, the S12K, P18C, P1911, P92, and the Skorpion and on more PUBG weapons.

Quick Extended / Extended QuickDraw Mag

The Extended QuickDraw Magazine can be used specifically for assault rifles, designated marksman rifles as well as on the S12K. This attachment has dual benefits, it allows you to increase the magazine capacity in terms of holding more ammunition before reloading. It also allows PUBG players to significantly decrease the amount of time taken to reload their specific weapon of choice. Overall this creates a more powerful gun, battle experience and firing capability. An essential attachment we recommend utilizing within PUBG.

PUBG Muzzles


The available PUBG Muzzle attachments can most certainly give you major added benefits and increase a variety of features for your weaponry and in-game battles. Depending on your selected choice of Muzzle attachment, you will have the ability to experience advancements such as concealment of firing flashes and sound effects that give away your position, less bullet spread which increases target hit and effectiveness as well as improving the muzzle kickback that can be experienced with certain guns.

Flash Hider

The Flash Hider is a very useful Muzzle attachment in PUBG as it allows you to decrease muzzle flash to a certain extent. Although it does not completely remove the flash, the Flash Hider has the added benefit of achieving slight vertical and horizontal recoil reduction. We recommend using this attachment specifically for greater visual concealment when firing at longer distances. The flash hider becomes very useful when firing in rainy or foggy conditions when your flash can be more visible than normally expected.


A compensator has a very specific use case when it comes to gun attachments. These attachments work by redirecting muzzle gas caused by the combustion when firing. The compensator’s main aim is to reduce recoil and gun drift after firing. It achieves this by redirecting gas in the opposite direction of weapon drift and recoil which can reduce the recoil by up to 25%.


When it comes to using a Suppressor as a Muzzel attachment for your PUBG gun, the main goal is to reduce the sound when firing the weapon and ultimately not give away your position. The Suppressor achieves this by making the movement of gasses through the barrel more limited by cooling them down. The attachment also has the added benefit of reducing muzzle flash.


The core goal of the Choke Muzzel attachment is to reduce bullet spread and it can achieve this by up 25%. Specifically designed for the shotgun, to improve its effectiveness, targeting efficiency and damage, it creates a smaller and more controlled damage area and therefore also improves your accuracy. The attachment allows you to utilize the shotgun at a longer range than possibly capable. The Choke attachments are found very easily and are scattered around the battlefield.

PUBG Grip Attachments


PUBG Grip attachments have the benefit of improving overall weaponry control, but more specifically their main function is to increase the time before recoil starts to kick in. Ultimately, this feature allows you to make recoil-based firing more predictive and thus gives you a significant advantage over your competitors that are not using any gun grips. These attachments are primarily designed for use on assault rifles.

Vertical Grip

The Vertical Grip decreases the overall experienced recoil by up to 20% and the vertical recoil by up to 15% depending on the gun that you choose. The recommended weapons to use this grip attachment on are ones that generally experience the most amount of recoil due to their power. Specifically, guns also used for long-range shooting can benefit from this attachment, these include: M416, Vector, UMP9 and the SCAR-L.

Angled Grip

Similar to the Vertical Grip, the Angled Grip is designed to reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil specifically for the M416, VECTOR, UMP9 and the SCAR-L. The Angled Grip reduces overall and horizontal recoil by up to 20%. Additionally, we have also noticed another benefit of decreasing the time taken to aim down sight by up to 10%.

Thumb Grip

The Thumb Grip has a few additional benefits compared to the other grips available. It assists by reducing over recoil by up to 20%, decreasing weapon sway by 20% and reducing the vertical recoil by 5%. As with the Angled Grip, the time taken to aim down sight is significantly reduced by up to 30%. We recommend using the Thumb Grip for the UMP9, M416, SKS, Mk47, Beryl M762, QBZ, and the AUG A3.

Lightweight Grip

The Lightweight Grip attachment provides excellent feature enhancements by reducing overall recoil, weapon sway, and firing kick by up to 20%, which is very beneficial to have. Additionally, single-shot weapon stability and the recoil thereof is reduced by up to 15%. This specific attachment can be used with all the guns mentioned above and also the AUG A3, Skorpion, Vector and SCAR-L.

Half Grip

The Half Grip reduces the overall recoil (both vertical and horizontal) by up to 20%, similar to the other grip attachments. Additionally, the half grip helps with recoil recovery of up to 10%. The half grip has been specifically designed and is compatible with assault rifles as well as submachine guns. We recommend that you test out the various grips available and find the best-suited attachment for your gun and gameplay strategy.


Designed specifically for the player’s favorite and most fun weapon to use in PUBG, the Crossbow. The Quiver allows for a total reduction in reload time of up to 30%, which makes a significant difference. Ultimately, this helps you improve the speed and accuracy of your follow-up shots.

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