PUBG Weapons Guide: List of Best Guns To Use & Features


The most vital question asked by all PUBG players, as you can imagine, is what are the best PUBG guns to use? The stakes are extremely high in any first-person shooter game and selecting your weapons of choice can make the difference between winning and losing. Starting the game can be fairly simple, you just need to pick up the first available gun to protect yourself. Thereafter, tactics start to kick in and your decision-making process becomes much more complicated.

It’s extremely important to be aware that you can only carry two primary weapons, a pistol, a melee weapon and grenades. Always ensure that you have top-class weapons as the game round approaches the end. These become the crucial stages of the game so it’s always best to get yourself accustomed to the best weapons and where to find them in advance. For more important PUBG tips and strategies, be sure to check out our main PUBG Guide for beginners and advanced players.

The below guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the best high-end weapons with various important features covering: damage, range capabilities, stability/recoil, rate of fire, ammo capacity and the various attachment enhancements.

PUBG New Weapons

We will ensure to continue updating this section as more guns get released in further versions of PUBG. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.


The Desert Eagle – The Desert eagle (also known as the Deagle) has a 0.45 ACP caliber round. The Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the best pistol to use in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is packed with devastating power. It is a high-damage pistol that is most suited for close-range combat situations and can also be found on all PUBG maps. The Desert Eagle has an outstanding 62-point damage capability per single shot. Even when your enemy has a level 3 helment, you can take them out with only 2 headshots. The various attachments available can level up this impressive pistol even more, check out the various scopes, grips and extenders available.

The Best Guns in PUBG

PUBG Assault rifles


– The M416 has a 5.56mm caliber round. Although most of the baseline characteristics are the same across most assault rifles, the M416 stands out significantly due to its ability to have the highest amount of modifications. The various attachment slots, compared to all other ARs is a great benefit to have. Additionally, the M416 has a very low recoil which allows the gun to be controlled more than others during fully automatic firing.



– The Groza has a 7.62mm caliber round. Undeniably, the Groza AR has a massive damage per second capability, currently the second highest among other guns in the same category. During close-combat situations, the Groza shines bright but also has good far-range shooting power. However, this AR can only be found in airdrops and has a 3,1 second reload speed. So take that into consideration when reloading this weapon during gun fights.



Beryl M762
– The Beryl M762 has a 7.62mm caliber round. Very similar to the Groza, this AR has one of the best damage per second capabilities which forms a great combination between speed and firing power. The Beryl allows you to attach a variety of items to improve grip and stationary control. The recoil however can be very difficult to handle, but as mentioned various grips and compensators can be attached to avoid this. When used correctly, the Beryl can be well-suited for medium to long-distance shooting.


Mini 14
– The Mini 14 has a 5.56 caliber round. Although this weapon may not include a punch in terms of strength and rate of fire, it makes up for it with its extreme accuracy compared to other DMRs. We recommend that you utilize this gun with a scope attachment for maximum long-range strength. Another benefit is the increased magazine size.


– The SKS has a 7.62 caliber round. Compared to the Mini 14, the SKS has higher damage statistics and has the most attachment slots compared to all other DMRs. The negative is that the SKS has a slower reload speed and less accuracy than the Mini 14. However, it is still rated in our top list of DMRs to use in PUBG.


– The MK14 EBR has a 7.62 caliber round. This gun is very similar to the SKS, however, it has the benefit of being able to switch to fully automatic firing. To note, the MK14 EBR also has increased damage and higher recoil than the SKS and can only be found in airdrops.

PUBG Sniper rifles

– The AWM has a 0.300 Magnum round. AWM stands for Artic Warfare Magnum and is very unique compared to other sniper rifles. The AWM is one of two long-ranged weapons that have the capability of killing your enemy with only one headshot even if your opponent has a level 3 helmet. The AWM is truly a magnificent piece of weaponry and can only be found in airdrops. Conserve your ammo, as not many players get the opportunity of utilizing this gun in-game and it packs a big punch. Reload time must be considered as well as the loud firing sound which may give away your position.


– The Kar98k has a 7.62 caliber round. Unfortunately, unlike the AWM you cannot kill enemies in one shot that utilizes a level 3 helmet, however, lower helmet levels will definitely not stand a chance. Luckily the Kar98k, is not found only in airdrops so search around for this weapon as it will be lying in wait for you to use. The only negative of this sniper is that it is very slow but can be paired with a range of different scopes.

We have created a PUBG Pro Sensitivity Settings guide to help you increase your in-game performance and aiming capabilities. Read the latest settings from top-ranking teams and pro players.


– The Vector has a 0.45 caliber round. Most suited for close and mid-range combat situations due to its low recoil and seemingly moderate hit damage. Compared to all SMGs, the Vector has the most possibility of various attachments to be used, however, this weapon has a limited standard ammo clip but can be upgraded. Very good accuracy and time between shots make this a very good gun choice for most players.


– The UMP has a 0.45 caliber round. For a long time, the UMP has undeniably been considered the best SMG in PUBG. It has an outstanding ammo clip size which can hold nearly 3x the amount of ammunition compared to the Vector. Consideration must be taken into account for the slow firing rate, which may not always be suitable against your opponents. The UMP can be upgraded with various attachments to increase control and reduce recoil at the same time. A great gun choice for close-range combat matched with a decent firing range.


– The P90 has a 5.7 caliber round. A compact and powerful SMG in PUBG that includes various features such as a 50-round magazine, laser and silencer. The range of the P90 is fairly impressive compared to its counterparts and considering its size. The P90 can also be found only in airdrops currently.

PUBG Shotguns

– The S686 has a 12 Gauge shotgun round. Having the ability to fire two 12 gauge rounds in very close succession, this two-barrel shotgun also has the lowest time between shots in its category. As with most shotguns, your aiming must be on point, as missing a shot means you must reload or swap your weapon quickly to avoid being killed. The S686 reload times can mean the difference between life and death within the game. So ensure when using this weapon that you pick your shots carefully and always have a backup weapon available.


– The S12K has a 12 Gauge shotgun round. The great benefit compared to others, is the semi-automatic capabilities that allow for a high firing rate. Being able to hit multiple targets, unlike the S686 makes this an extremely powerful weapon choice for close-range shooting. The negatives are excessive recoil and a small firing range, but on the other hand, any enemy in close distance will surely get taken out.

PUBG Best Pistols

– The P18C has a 9mm caliber round. Everyone loves the pistol however, for some reason, we only use it if it’s the only weapon left. Definitely a favorite among all players in PUBG, it has the shortest time between shots. Having the ability to quickly eliminate opponents from a close distance, the P18C can be very beneficial in the early stages of the game. The only main negative point to utilizing this gun is due to it’s limited power, but that’s what your larger caliber weaponry is for anyway.

Various attachments are available to decrease the seemingly high recoil experienced by this pistol. However, the P18C also has a substantially large magazine capacity size which really makes up for the lack of firepower.


– The P1911 has a 0.45 ACP caliber round. The excellent stopping power that the P1911 pistol has makes it one of the best guns in its category to use for close combat scenarios. We recommend as with most pistols to stick to a tight range of no more than 50 to 10 meters for maximum effectiveness. Once again, there are various attachments available to increase the size of your ammo clip or to utilize a quickdraw magazine.

PUBG Grenades

Smoke Grenade – When used correctly, a smoke grenade can create a smokescreen that blurs your visibility to the enemy eye. Use this item to increase the success of offensive attacks or to save yourself from exposed positions momentarily. When you are looking for a safe route, might be stuck behind cover, being stalked with sniper fire, or simply need a way to distract your enemies then a smoke grenade is a perfect choice. We don’t recommend using this type of grenade within buildings as you may just give away your position, or blind your own visibility.

Frag Grenade – These grenades need to be “cooked”, which means that you do not deploy the frag grenade instantly but rather wait a certain period of time, to ensure that explosion occurs when needed. This avoids wasting your items as it gives minimal time for your enemies to run away. The Frag Grenade also disperses shrapnel in the immediate vicinity which can cause damage and wound your opponents.

PUBG Crossbow & Melee


– The crossbow in PUBG is a very unique weapon to use for a range of reasons. Whether that’s to try killing your enemies at a far distance similar to the benefits of using a sniper rifle, or to simply experience a new weapon, the crossbow can be very enjoyable and tempting. The crossbow is the perfect weapon to use to achieve that wonderful silent kill, we recommend using it at a distance of 100 – 400 meters for maximum effectiveness. Always take into consideration the drop of the arrow when firing from far distances.

Melee Weapons – PUBG offers a variety of common combat-based melee weapons such as the crowbar, sickle, machete and frying pan. The frying pan allows you to protect a small area of your body from incurring damage due to enemy fire. When playing zombie mode, the crowbar and machete in PUBG can be very useful when no other weapons are available for you to use. The frying pan also allows you to block a variety of shots from all types of ranged weaponry, which therefore makes it very useful and fun to use.

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