PUBG Pro Sensitivity Settings


PUBG sensitivity settings are your first primary aspect that should be dealt with to effectively control your aiming ability to your suited preferences. Like all shooting games, getting your aim right is necessary and crucial to ensure effective kills and ultimately, to win the game. Games like PUBG require fast mobility in aiming and targeting while breaking down the process into small digestible steps. There are many situations, from experience, that we have realized many players battling to aim and shoot effectively due to incorrect or untailored PUBG sensitivity settings. Remember to check out our full PUBG Beginners Guide for more tips, tricks and strategies.

In a game like PUBG, every player attempts to optimize their performance by finding their ideal balance of sensitivity and visibility. The correct settings choice can have a huge impact and make the difference between winning and losing. Generally, in these sought of games, the first battle comes way before you even enter the battlefield. It all begins when selecting the optimal in-game settings to achieve the upper hand over your opponents.


In this PUBG settings sensitivity guide, we delve into various mouse settings that we recommend as a starting point. We have also analyzed the top pro players and their specific settings to give you a greater chance of competing with the most experienced players in the game.

PUBG: Mouse Acceleration Off?

Mouse Acceleration, as the name suggests, is a setting that directly affects the sensitivity of movement depending on how fast your mouse moves on the mousepad. To check if you have acceleration enabled, here is a very simple test you can run: Start by placing your mouse on the left or right side of your pad, this will now be your initial position, thereafter slowly move your mouse from left to right or right to left across the mousepad and quickly push it back to the ‘initial position’ mentioned above. If mouse acceleration is enabled, your viewpoint should change from the one seen at the initial position, and if not enabled, your viewpoint will remain the same.

We always recommend that you switch off your mouse acceleration. Here’s why:

When this setting is turned on, your movement sensitivity automatically increases. So no matter the combat scenario, moving your mouse more rapidly will cause higher sensitivity in your mouse. This can totally through you off target as certain situations require a more rapid movement and thus you can never control the extent to which the sensitivity is most suited for your gameplay style.

Here’s how to turn off mouse acceleration:

  • In your desktop search bar, search “Mouse” then select the option “Change your mouse settings”.
  • Then under “Related Settings”, select “Additional mouse options”.
  • Then finally, after the popup appears, select “Pointer Options” and untick the option for “Enhance pointer precision”. Your mouse acceleration has now been disabled.

PUBG: Recommended DPI Settings

If you are unsure, DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and deals specifically with pixel movements. What this basically means is that a mouse set at 1000 DPI will move 1000 pixels for every inch moved across your mousepad.
DPI is an absolute choice of preference and can be the decision of which setting to use can also be based upon the size of your mousepad and screen size. When it comes to first-person shooter games, many people prefer a lower DPI range, as it provides more control but requires a greater physical range of arm movement. On the other hand, players with smaller screen sizes and mousepads often decide to use higher DPI settings.

We have analyzed mass amounts of pro player DPI settings, most experienced players have opted for a DPI of 800 or lower. Generally, this can be viewed as a fairly moderate/average DPI setting as the higher the DPI, the greater difficulty you will have maintaining control during intense gameplay.

However, if you are comfortable with your movements and have experience in making tiny adjustments, you can also test out a higher DPI setting. But we do recommend that you avoid going higher than, for example, a DPI setting of 1000 or 1200. If you prefer to make much larger arm movements across a bigger mousepad and increase your control, you can set your DPI to 400 or 600. But take note, your onscreen viewing and movements will be much slower and dependent on the distance covered across your mousepad.

For even more control over your gameplay, you can also adjust your vertical sensitivity.
This multiplier deals with the ratio between your vertical and horizontal mouse movements. Top pro players recommend keeping this at a uniform ratio of 1:1 (or 1.0). As an example, if you change this setting to 0.5, this would effectively mean your mouse sensitivity is 50% less when doing vertical movements. For some players, a lower ratio actually helps aid them with accuracy when referring to different types of body shots. A lower sensitivity could help you get more headshots, but we do not recommend a lower ratio setting.

PUBG: The Best Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Once in PUBG, if you head over to the settings menu and then select “Control”, you will be given a few options to further tailor your Mouse settings. As default the below settings in PUBG are generally set to 40. Here are some recommendations:

  • General/Average Sensitivity – When searching your immediate environment or attempting to spot enemies, we suggest that you set this to 43 which is slightly below the default setting.
  • Targeting Sensitivity – We do not suggest having this setting well above the 40-point mark. It is vital that you have the ability to aim at stationary and moving targets smoothly when firing and ensure that your hand and gun are not shaking.
  • Scoping Sensitivity – We recommend matching this setting as the same as your targeting sensitivity. Scoping can also be referred to as your down-site visualization and can be paired with various scope settings.
  • Sensitivity based on scopes used – The longer range scope you choose to utilize, the more sensitive your mouse tends to be to any movements made. As you can imagine, once you’re aiming down the scope, you want as little movement as possible to hit your targets effectively. For longer range scopes such as 6x,8x or 15x, we suggest that you decrease your scoping sensitivity to below 40 to regain control when aiming at your opponents. Test which is the best match-up for your type of strategy.


Best PUBG Teams & Pro Player Settings

To give you more confidence in the vast amount of different sensitivity settings available to you, we have compiled a short list of pro PUBG teams and various settings utilized by their top players.

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TSM (Team SoloMid): One of their very well-known players Colton “Viss” Visser who is also a full-time Twitch streamer uses the following settings:

  • Mouse DPI – 400
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 1.00
  • General Sensitivity – 36
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 36
  • Scoping Sensitivity – 2x (36), 3x (36), 4x (36), 6x (36), 8x (36), 15x (36)

TL (Team Liquid): A professional player for TL named Jim “Jeemzz” Eliassen uses the following sensitivity settings for PUBG:

  • Mouse DPI – 800
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 1.20
  • General Sensitivity – 30
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 30
  • Scoping Sensitivity – 2x (30), 3x (30), 4x (30), 6x (30), 8x (30), 15x (30)


FaZe Clan: Another well-known professional gaming team in the industry, FaZe Clan, includes a pro player called David “Fuzzface” Tillberg-Persson, his settings are as follows:

  • Mouse DPI – 800
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 1.50
  • General Sensitivity – 50
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 35
  • Scoping Sensitivity – 2x (27), 3x (27), 4x (27), 6x (27), 8x (27), 15x (27)

Gen.G: An experienced player part of the Gen.G team utilizes the following settings for his PUBG gaming sessions:

  • Mouse DPI – 400
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 0.85
  • General Sensitivity – 45
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 41
  • Scoping Sensitivity – 2x (39), 3x (36), 4x (36), 6x (36), 8x (36), 15x (36)

Each player tailors his/her own settings based on personal preference and what works best for them. Every individual is different, so we recommend that you test out various settings before making your final choice.

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PUBG: Best Shroud Sensitivity Settings

Shroud: One of probably the most well-known first-person shooter game professionals and Twitch streamers is known as Shroud, his real name is Michael Grzesiek. Most avid gamers know him for being the best at games such as PUBG, Blackout, Call of Duty Black Ops and CS:GO. Here we give a breakdown of the most commonly used sensitivity settings that Shroud uses for PUBG:

  • Mouse DPI – 450
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 1.00
  • General Sensitivity – 55
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 50
  • Scoping Sensitivity – 2x (50), 3x (50), 4x (50), 6x (50), 8x (47), 15x (42)


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