How to Get Credits (money) and XP Fast in Star Wars Battlefront

Rank Up Super Fast in Star Wars Battlefront

So you’ve been playing Star Wars Battlefront for a few days now, and you love the game like I do. Now you want to know how the heck you’re going to get to Level 50 fast and unlock the Shadow Trooper or Zabrak for 17,000 credits.

battlefront shadow trooper

Luckily for you I’ve been playing and testing and reading and playing, and I figured out the fastest way to achieve level 50, so let me tell you my little secret.

Fighter Squadron is the Big Winner

When you play fighter squadron in multiplayer, you battle against other players and AI. Each round only lasts 10 minutes so you can score big points each round.

It’s going to take you some time to get used to flying so give it ten rounds or so.

star wars battlefront rank up fast

My last round I scored 8600 XP in under ten minutes and earned 867 credits, you can’t do that in any other game type, that fast!

So if you play for a full hour you’ll make 51,600XP and 5,202 credits, that’s insane!

TIP: If you play on the PC use a controller and not the keyboard. =) I use the Logitech – F310, you can grab it on Amazon or at Best Buy.

controller star wars
Check out the video below and see how many points you get playing fighter squadron!

Download the Star Wars Battlefront Companion

The first thing you need to do is download the new Star Wars Battlefront Companion App for your iPhone or Android phone. Play this anytime you aren’t on the PC and earn XP and credits. It’s a great way for an extra boost.
star wars battlefront companion

Complete Challenges

Many people don’t even know about this part, and it’s pretty funny. But when you complete a challenge you can get 500 – 4000 XP plus credits! When you start Battlefront, just click STATS > MULTIPLAYER, and you’ll see all the challenges on the right-hand side. Don’t click the “New Challenge” button or you’ll end up spending 500 credits. Simply look at each challenge to see how much credit and XP you get. As soon as a challenge gets completed a new challenge appears.

star wars battlefront challenges

Don’t Play Walker Assault

Sure you can have fun playing Walker Assault, but you have to play for almost 45 minutes to get the same amount of points and credits you can achieve in ten minutes playing Fighter Squadron.

star wars walker assault

Get to Level 50 in Days Using Our Hack

If you want to walk away with the highest score, just register on our forum and grab the Star Wars Battlefront Cheat with full aimbot. Then you can always see every player, kill them instantly and get the most XP and credits. You can see the picture below showing off the hack in action; the orange rectangle marks each player using our ESP wallhack.

star wars game hack

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