Infestation Survivor Stories

Infestation: Survivor Stories (aka The War Z), Hammerpoint Interactive’s open world zombie thriller PC game released February 26th, 2013.

Entering the stage as the first survival style MMO, Infestation is ALL about survival in a post-apocalyptic world against mobs of zombies. Infestation takes place 5 years after a devastating viral outbreak wiped out 95% of the global population – survival and scavenging are a large element in the gameplay.

Both PvP and PvE have been incorporated into the gameplay: killing other players in PvP gives the player reputation calculated by the victims overall standing in the game and a stab at their items, while killing zombies in PvE gives experience points that can use to add to the players skill tree.

Infestation includes real life progression aspects such as increase in hunger and thirst over time and a player is offered a variety of consumables that give restorative powers.

Players can customize their character’s appearance by using gold or experience points to purchase clothing in the marketplace. Also, players can unlock more characters in the marketplace and various items purchased there can be used during gameplay.

The choice of hardcore or normal fighting types is offered and the players server category will be based on which fighting type a player chooses. Death carries consequences such as items loss in both modes and permadeath ( hardcore ) or a 60 minute respawn time ( normal ).


Formally known as Warz, Infestation: Survivor Stories offers the first MMO survival type gameplay.

Developed by Hammerpoint Interactive, a new player in the software development industry, Infestation: Survivor Stories has taken some inspiration from the game Dayz, but Infestation offers the player more substantial gameplay than in any standard MMO. Compared to Dayz, Infestation offers more detail in its virtual landscape and numerous different levels. Game modes, items, character selection and maps create a more realistic gaming experience.

Infestation is set during a time in the future when a horrid virus has desolated the Earth. Zombies roam the land leaving 5% of what is left of the human population to maintain survival against the chaotic environment. Survival mode generated online is in real-time, giving the player a chance to become engrossed in Infestation’s apocalyptic simulation.

Five years after 95% of the global population has succumbed to a viral disease, the remainder of humanity have been forced to become self-reliant. This lifestyle allows the player to use tools and notes from friends to help sustain existence.

Players survive by finding supplies to stay healthy, using weapons to defend themselves against zombie mobs and other players, and allocating skill points to the players skill tree that can aide with survival. The ability to form allies with other players also helps against zombie and PvP attacks. Infestation cheats can help ease survival in solo gameplay.

Infestation Server Information:

400+ Servers with a load capacity of 250 players each
Rented servers can be set as Public or Private
Rented servers allow for up to 70 other players
Clans on servers benefit from a higher level of communication
Rentals are available over a duration of time
All servers accommodate all styles of gameplay
Public servers are also available for individuals
No penalty fees

Open world options and seamless switching between world and scenes make the Infestation severs very players friendly.

Players will start their game in Colorado, an extensive map that can be marked with way points and allows the player to find safe settlements and the marketplace. The map includes landmarks that the player can enter and visuals including a broken freeway, remainders of military presence, and dilapidated cities. More Infestation maps are rumored to be released. Finding opponents and items to help in survival in such a large map is easy using ESP with the Infestation Hack. Many items have great rarity although some may be easier to find.

Infestation offers effortless charterer movement in a 3rd person viewpoint, stamina depletion and regeneration and boasts an impressive inventory system.

When a player views the inventory screen they will be able to view the entire contents of their backpack making available items easier to find and use. Knowing what the player is carrying also makes switching weapons based on varies combat situations much smoother.

The amount of items a player can carry on their character will differ based on the level of their strength. All items that are purchased, equipped and currently being used all count against the characters available weight limit.

Developed by Arktos Entertainment Company, the graphic engine Eclipse is updated and is the one used for Infestation. The stunning graphics contribute to the realism of a zombie filled post-apocalyptic environment. Players can enhance what they see during combat and while searching for the best weapons by using cheats. Infestation cheats give the player ninja like intel that can make zombies glow, turn night to day, enable aerial view and even more upgrades for Infestation that make the player really feel as if they have an advantage in the battlefield.

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