Infestation Warz Hacks, Cheats & Aimbot

Do you want the only undetected Infestation WarZ Hack? We have it and you can download it now. Infestation is ALL about survival in a post-apocalyptic world against mobs of zombies and includes real life progression aspects such as increase in hunger and thirst over time ( as if zombies weren’t enough of an issue! ) – failure to find life sustaining supplies and not replenishing those basic needs, will eventually lead to your death. The consequences of dying in-game, include a 60 minute respawn wait ( optional: revive instantly by paying GC ) and the loss of all equipped and carried items at time of death, including items purchased in game.

Avoid being mauled to death by zombies, dying by falling off a cliff, getting ambushed by another player, item loss and prevent hours of searching for a new weapon with our Infestation Hack!



Infestation WarZ Hack



Infestation Hack Features

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Brand new code undetected by PunkBuster
* Added Personal Lockers to the junk item filter
* No Spread, No Recoil & No Bullet Drop
* Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
* Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
* Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
* Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
* Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard
* Skip CLAN MATES (Will not lock onto your clan members)

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Loot Marker: Displays *DEAD PLAYER* and distance where they died
* Change ESP colors for different loot items
* Item, Name, Player, Zombie, Distance ESP
* Render Distance
* Crosshair (Enable or Disable)
* Enhanced ESP (See their weapon’s and if player is in Safe Zone)
* Safe Zone Border Alert (Shows distance to SZ border)
* Hide Items On Aim (Helps if you lag when aiming)

iwc-checkmarked Reputation Viewer
Color of Player Text and Box Depends on their Reputation.
Know if You Should Kill or Friend Other Players
* Mega Bandit = Purple
* Bandit = Red
* Neutral = Blue
* Lawman = Yellow

bonus BONUS
Daytime Hack: Turn Night to Day, we are the only site offering this safe solution. (temp disabled)
* Unlimited Stamina (Sprint)
* Adjustable Distance for ESP
* Fade ESP at Distance
* Auto No Clip
* Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
* Save over 3 cheat configurations in menu
* Show Time display the current time in game
* No Delay: Pick up any Item without a delay
* Clear Screenshot: Anti-cheat thinks your not cheating


Infestation WarZ Hack Unlimited Stamina

So you’ve been scavenging in-game for days, your backpack is FULL of weapons, ammo, and supplies, then suddenly, you encounter 60 starved zombies that have collectively decided that you are lunch. You do what anyone trying to survive in this zombie infested post-apocalyptic world would do – RUN. Unfortunately, within 40 seconds you’ve run out of stamina, the zombies have eaten you and all your hard earned items are gone. ( see video below for actual in-game example )

Now, imagine the same scenario, but instead of failing miserably, you have our Infestation hack that includes allowing your stamina to regenerate every few seconds!

With our Infestation hack, the unlimited stamina feature gives you the UNLIMITED ability to successfully escape and protect your items in the worst of situations and enables you run and catch up to other players so that with every player kill, you can gain more reputation and items.


Instantly lock a headshot kill with the aimbot feature that is included in our Infestation hack.

Simply designate a specific key to act as the aimbot within the hack setup. Then, when you locate your target, press + hold the designated key, and the aimbot will lock on to the target. The target can try to hide by ducking, laying down or jumping – but our aimbot stays locked on the targets head. When you are ready to take your kill, release the aimbot key and every round you fire gets drilled into your targets skull. Both PvP and PvE have been incorporated into the gameplay: killing other players in PvP gives you reputation calculated by your victims overall standing in the game and a stab at their items, while killing zombies in PvE gives you experience points that you can use to add to your skill tree.

Multiple targets? No problem. Our aimbot will move and lock on to the next target allowing for complete and rapid annihilation of all targets in that area.


With the ESP feature, you can now easily find other players, zombies, weapons, and supplies in-game.

Using various bright colors ( optional to be customizable ) you can now see through walls, reveal targets in the dense woods, and easily find the types of items you need inside of towns.

Never waste ammo again! When it’s not optimal to fire and hit another player, the player’s “box ESP” will turn RED – when the kill shot path opens up and is clear, the players “box ESP” will automatically switch to GREEN.

The images below show how easy it is to locate targets, weapons, and supplies using the ESP feature in our Infestation hack.


Is it dark and scary when you play Infestation? Are you afraid to run around in the dark with zombies? The great news is we can help you with that!

The new “Night to Day” option allows you to press one button and make the sun come up, and stay up in any map! That means you don’t have to use flashlights anymore and you can keep all the maps bright and happy.


Nothing impedes progress like a miscalculation of height or depth in-game.

With our “no fall damage feature”, gone are the days of death by misstep on those sketchy platforms and you also have the ability to jump or fall from any height in-game without receiving any damage.

Explore every mountain and building without the fear of dying in-game with our Infestation hack.


Have fun and scare other players with our no clip feature.

Have another player chase you towards a building and then baffle them while they run into a wall as you stride straight through it. With a click of a button, you can seamlessly walk through walls, cars and practically any object in-game. Reach hard to find locations and items with ease and stealthily escape mobs of zombies and other players with our no clip feature.

You’ll get endless surprise kills by hiding in buildings and then jumping out of the wall to kill another player!

Easy to use cheat menu


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 15 reviews
by ZombieOverWatch on Warz Hack Review
Your ISS cheats are great thx

I ended up download the ISS cheat a few days ago and now my weapon lockers are full of loot from everyone I killed. If you want one of the best Infestation hacks you have to try this out. The only bad thing is the community isn't super active here [in the way of being talkative on the forums] other than that the site is great.

Infestation headshot fun

I never had so many headshots omg it's funny as hell to watch them all die

by Warz Hunter on Warz Hack Review
Great hack for an OK game

I've been playing WarZ now from day 1 when it was launched. The only reason I keep playing is because I found this site and the cheat features make the game rock.

by ZombieHunt on Warz Hack Review
Simply love it

No wonder so many people use Infestation hacks, I can actually find a freaking weapon in less than an hour lol. I also love how you can always see the other players, zombies, all loot, etc. The aimbot is deadly accurate as well, I ended up killing off a group of 4 people and took all their weapons. Great hack guys, thanks!

by mattey234 on Warz Hack Review

love all the hacks, my favorite game to play

by player123 on Warz Hack Review
Im a survivor!!

I love the game but it was getting so annoying dying all the time but after I got your hack I didn't get annoyed anymore cause I killed and kept all my items.

by Hen3yHoy3 on Warz Hack Review
Infestation Hack Review

I have been using this hack for a few weeks and wanted to tell everyone that it works and I haven't had any problems.

by to the dommmmme on Warz Hack Review
headshots 247

I never had so many headshots omg it's funny as hell to watch them all die

by PiNkyHasaBrain on Warz Hack Review

Takes alot of time to get everything so waiting to respawn when I died fn sucked but I don't die now cause your hack is awesome.

by HacknSlaSha on Warz Hack Review

I hated coming across zombies and getting killed and with your hack I can kill them now ty

by Warzze855 on Warz Hack Review
Cant hide from me

All you's playing Warz you know me Warzze855 cause i be killing you every round and you be mad hahahahaaa got this aimbot on your skull boyyyyyy!

by Pakarang on Warz Hack Review

I Want to Hack
Hack Warz And

by Undead on Warz Hack Review
No Clip Rocks

I love no clip, I get inside a building, wait for another player, jump out and kill him and take his loot lol.

by DariusPlaysAGame on Warz Hack Review

I've been using the Infestation Survivor Stores hack for around 3 months now. I've got to say it's probably one of the best overall hacks I've ever used for any game.

All the features are 100% great and always usable.

The only flaws I have with the hack would be a few missing features.

-Disable aimbot to group members

-Add gear and armor player esp

-Show player HP esp

Besides those flaws this cheat is fantastic.

by G_bigmoney00 on Warz Hack Review
Zombie Slayinggg!!

No more stupid zombie deaths at night!! - thanks guys!

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    Thanks you guys

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    Go to the forum and become a member, select the cheat you want, pay for it and then you get access to download instantly.

  3. zombiie says:

    how do i install it

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