The Best Life Hacks
the best life hacks

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Do you want the best Life Hacks you can use on a daily basis? We looked over 100 different sites and compiled the best list of Life Hacks for 2022.

Everyone is always looking for easy answers and solutions to the problems they have in life. While searching the internet for the best Life Hack I found a variety of websites that listed tons of hacks, but most of these websites would take days to browse.

Plus many of the Life Hacks aren’t really used in daily life.

Fortunately for you, I spent a week and combined the best Hacks in the world into one post so you can get more out of your life.

Some of the Life Hacks are posted in pictures below, others are shown with video to help explain how they work better.

I’ll keep adding to this post and I’ll link you to the best websites promoting Life Hacks at the bottom of the page, so save and bookmark and don’t forget to share. =P

Sneak Liquor on a Cruise Ship Without Getting Caught

If you’re going on a cruise or you ever went on the one you know liquor or drinks are super high priced, that’s how they make their money.

Simply pour vodka or any other clear liquid into a Listerine bottle and use food coloring to make it look like mouth wash.

Keep the safety seal on by only cutting off the bottom part with a razor. Check out the video below for detailed instructions.

The Best Way to Cook Any Hot Dog by Spiral Cutting

I was actually making this page and came across a video showing the best way to make hot dogs period.

Check out the video below and try it yourself, I made some like this on the grill yesterday and they rocked.

The hot dogs have more flavor, look awesome, and hold your chili and other goodies better.

The Best Way to Store Cleaning Supplies

I hate going into the cleaning closet, my wife has a ton of cleaning junk in buckets I have to look through to find what I want.

Fix that problem with a hanging shoe rack and you can get to everything easily. The great part is the kids can’t get to most of the high items. =)

life hack cleaning supplies

Clean Up Hazy Car Headlights the Cheap Way

Have you ever had a hazy car headlight? If you want to clear it up auto care centers usually have packages for $19.99 to buff and sand away the haze.

Just use some toothpaste and a cloth and look at the results.

Mark Your Keys to Find Them Easier

Have you ever had to get in the house fast to use the bathroom but you didn’t know which key unlocked the door?

Save time and money and color-code your keys with nail polish!

Mark keys With Nail Polish

Clean Up Shower Head Mold, Mildew, and Residue the Easy Way

Have you ever been taking a shower and noticed mold, mildew, or other residues all over the showerhead? Most people scrub it or toss it and get a new showerhead.

Simply tie a bag of vinegar around the head for the night and it cleans it up with no work at all.

Start a Fire with Doritos my Favorite Life Hack

Have you ever wanted to start a fire but you forgot kindling or lighter fluid?

Simply bring a bag of Doritos with you, they burn like wildfire and easily start a fire. The nice thing is a small pile can burn for a few minutes, I’m sorta scared to eat them now.

Stop Water from Boiling Over onto Your Stove

I had to make my wife breakfast this morning (she wanted oatmeal) and I had to boil the water first then toss the oatmeal in for one minute.

Halfway through the water starts boiling over on the stove. Simply grab a wooden spoon like I did and lay it over the pot to fix the problem. Note: This doesn’t always work, but it does seem to help 90% of the time.

The Best Way to Cut Cakes, Bread, Cheese and Other Items

How many times have you cut a cake, bread or cheese and screwed it up or almost cut your finger off?

Use dental floss around your fingers for a perfect cut, the great news is it goes through anything like it was butter.

Use a Dustpan to Fill a Container with Water

Have you ever had a bucket, pitcher or something else you can’t fill with water because it won’t fit in your sink?

Use a dustpan to fix the problem and you never have to worry about a mess or dumping 200 glasses of water into a bucket.

Use a Staple Remover for to put Keys on a Key chain

How many times have you tried to put keys on a key chain and almost broken a nail? I’ve almost bent my nail all the way back before.

This is the best and easiest way to get keys on any key chain with no trouble.

Keep Kids From Rolling Off the Bed

Many parents worry about a child falling off the bed. Some places want you to buy $100 railings to fix the problem.

Save yourself some cash and get a Pool Noodle from Walmart for $5.00 and your kid is safe from falling and getting hurt.

Pool Noodle Bed Hack

How to Charge Your Phone at a Hotel if Your Forget Your Cell Phone Charger

Have you ever gone to a hotel and forgot your USB plug? If so I have a killer solution.

Simply look on the back of the TV set and plugin to the USB port.

charge your cell phone using tv usb