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Life Hacks

The Best Life Hacks 2022

How to Use Your Cell Phone to Make a Bright Light

Just place your phone underwater bottle or colored drink bottle to make it light up the night with colors.

Use this awesome iPhone app for FREE to make the light change different colors.

Just make sure you have a nice backup battery like the Mophie in place. =)

We also have glowing player models like this on our PUBG Hack product.

cell phone light

The Best Way to Heat Up or Microwave Food

Have you ever tossed your leftovers in the microwave for a few minutes only to notice the middle was cold when you went to eat it?

Put a hole or circle in the middle of your food for even heating next time.

how to heat microwave food

Get Unpopped Kernels Out of Your Popcorn or Bag

How many times have you sat down at home to watch a movie with some popcorn, then bit into a hard kernel while watching the movie? OUCH!

Simply open the bag a small amount when it’s done popping to shake out all the kernels.

Life Hacks so You Never Forget Items or Money You Lend to Friends

Have you given your friend, relative, etc money or items and totally forgotten about them later?

Simply take a 2-second photo of your friend holding the item or money and make a note of it on your phone and You’ll never forget again.

picture of things you lend

The Best iPhone Speaker in the World

Do you want to get loader music out of your iPhone without spending $100 or more? How about for $2?!

Check out this simple Life Hack showing how to make the best speakers, hands down.

Now you have custom-built iPhone speakers that allow you to hear everything louder.

The Best Way to Cook and Shuck Corn

If your like me you don’t like ripping corn apart, shucking it, pulling off the hairy mess and getting it ready to eat.

Simply toss one piece of corn in the microwave, cook for 4 minutes, cut it on one side, squeeze and then eat. You have no mess, no hairs and nothing to shuck.

How to Hammer a Nail Without Hurting or Hitting Your Fingers

Have you ever held a nail and hit your fingers? I sure have and it hurt like a SOB!

Grab yourself a clothespin, hold the nail and hammer away and keep your fingers safe forever.

The Best Way to Remove a Stem form a Strawberry

I’ve wanted to eat strawberries in the past and I always have to bite it and try to miss the stem. I even bought a $9.90 gadget to grab the stem and rip it off, it doesn’t work.

Simply get a straw, put it through the end of the strawberry and you’re ready to eat in seconds.

How to Chill a Bottle of Beer or Wine Fast Life Hack

Did you come home with a hot beer or warm wine and you want it cold fast? I have a solution for you!

Simply get a paper towel, wrap it around the bottle or can and toss it in the freezer, it will be ready in 5 minutes and super cold.

How to Chill Wine Instantly for Drinking

Have you ever come home with a bottle of wine that was warm and wanted to drink it right away? You either drink warm wine or wait for 5 – 10 minutes for it to get cold.

Make the wine cold instantly using this awesome hack.

Put a Case of Beer or Soft Drinks in the Frig in 5 Seconds or Less

Do you hate getting out soda or beer one by one and putting it in the frig?

Check out this video and see how to do it the easy way!

Fix Any Cell Phone That Got Wet or Was Dropped in the Water

If you’re like me you did something stupid and dropped your phone in some sort of liquid. My phone got dropped in the toilet, yeah I’m that smart. So this is a great Life Hack that actually saved me.

After you get your phone wet to make sure you dry it off ASAP, then toss it into a ziplock full of rice. Leave it for 24 hours and it will work again! (Sometimes if you watched your phone in horror for a long time before removing it from water it may not work again after this life hack)

Battery Life Hacks Using AA Batteries Instead of AAA Batteries

Have you ever run out of AAA batteries and only had AA batteries laying around?

Well never fear, grab some tin foil and place it in the gap to fix the problem.