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Everyone needs a great Dota 2 Hack to help them in the most popular RPG game on Steam. If you haven’t played or heard of Dota 2 you need to get off your butt and go download it now on Steam. Dota 2 is so popular that when I checked the player count on Steam yesterday it had over 588,707 people online at one time, that’s freaking insane………. That’s over 6 times more people that the next most popular game on Steam which is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Dota 2 still holds the title as the most played game on Steam and I don’t think it will be taken down anytime soon.

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Why Dota 2 Hacks

So why do you want Dota 2 hacks and what will they help you do? In order to get new things in Dota 2  you have to increase your battle level and earn battle points. When you play the multiplayer only game your going to team up with two sets of five to take out the enemy base. Our hacks will actually help you play the game, earn more and it makes things easier and more fun.

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R4Z8r is working on the cheat now as you can see from the image below so keep watching IWC for the full release. We want to give all Dota 2 players the chance to take their game up to a new level with the best Dota 2 cheats on the planet. While your waiting you can head over to our forum and register for access.

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by Scott on Dota 2 Hacks
Dota 2 Hacks here

IWantcheats had some really good Dota 2 hacks for a while but they quit offering them for single cheat users. I purchased All Access here and still use them to rank up.

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