New Hacks Still Coming for 2017

IWantCheats is still the premier cheat provider around the world, our network of cheat sites (TKO, FPSCheats, ILikeCheats & FPSCheats) has over a million members combined and were the only site that hasn’t had any ban waves in the past three years. We are also looking for sites that have Destiny 2 Hacks and Fortnite Hacks.

Becoming a member of IWC means you get the most advanced code team working on new games for you and you don’t need to worry about getting banned like you would on other websites.

When we first started making cheats with a game called BF2142 in 2006 other people realized how big game cheats could be. Many people decided to try and go off and start their own cheat sites, today many of these other sites use copy and paste coders, this means they use cheat code other people wrote. Because this type of code is used anti-cheat companies can also get the same code and detect the cheat leading to a ban and sometimes a HWID Lock with the game PC you use, meaning you can NEVER use a cheat again on any game the anti-cheat company covers.

Our team will NEVER rush a cheat out, we take our team and write 100% custom code that allows us to keep you safe while you cheat. You’ll also find other sites offer things like fly hacks, walk through walls, never die, etc. These type of cheats ruin a game and get everyone banned for that reason we limit our cheats to ESP, Aimbots, and things like no recoil, etc. We never publish anything that can ruin a game.

IWantCheats will be working on some exciting new hacks for the remainder of 2017; these are the games we still plan to work on, keep in mind this list will change during the rest of the year.

I’ve posted videos and info below showing off the games & DLC releases we plan to offer cheats for, keep checking back we usually release soon after a game is published.