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The Best PUBG Hacks 2021

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PUBG’s early release caused it to gain millions of fans all across the globe. Like any other multiple-user game, PUBG has been invaded by various cheats and hacks from its very onset; however, their developer took a strict vigilance in order to level out the playing field for players affected by these hacks with minimal success as there are still many undetected cheats operating today. Make sure you check out our new Rust hacks if you enjoy PUBG.

PUBG HWID Spoofer to Stay Safe

The developers of PUBG Corp are good about banning hackers who get reported by other players, but the problem remains that most hacks in-game can’t be spotted or proven. The anti-cheat system is limited and barely identifies modified or enhanced cheats so there’s always been a way for them to cheat since launch day.

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Right now, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam is the most popular game being played with over 450,000 daily players. Out of those numbers, 70% are using hacks to win all their rounds in PUBG! Hack and you’ll be able to keep your ranking high while still having fun playing the game – no one will ever know that there was any foul play involved! So far 10k have tried our hack so why not join them? The best part about it is we’re coded so well that nothing can detect when you use our cheat tools for PUBG; also try out HWID Spoofer if other cheats seem like they aren’t working as well anymore or you keep getting banned from other sites.

Popular PUBG Hacks and Cheats

The PUBG game has been in the news lately for a new type of cheating that is rampant. Popular YouTuber Dr Disrespect was recently killed unfairly by an unknown player, and it’s just one incident amongst many where cheaters are active on this platform. The millions of bans have done little to stop them from their shady practice as there seems to be no shortage of hacks and cheats available online these days! Here we’ll take a look at some popular ones so you can stay safe while playing your favorite games offline or during live streaming events with other players across the world! We offer some of the best cheats in the world, please check out our Warzone cheats.

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PUBG Aimbot

Aimbots are a cheating method in many shooter games where the player’s gun is automatically aligned with an opponent. They can be deadly because they remove any user input needed for aiming, but PUBG developers need Aimbots to help them identify game-breaking bugs and glitches – so that’s why players often find themselves on both sides of this issue! We also have an amazing EFT aimbot that kills as well as our PUBG product.

Hacks are taking over the gaming world! The most recent example of this is when Dr Disrespect, famous for his live stream gameplay on Twitch and YouTube, was taken out by an aimbot in a PUBG match. He quit playing altogether after he realized what happened so that’s why it’s important to get yourself protected with anti-cheater software like ours before you play your favorite games online again.

Speed Hack

This hack is sometimes combined with the PUBG aimbot. This dangerous combination enables players to eliminate any enemy in their vicinity automatically without having to put forth effort whatsoever, making it one of the deadliest hacks available today. The auto-fire hack has been designed so that as long there’s a clear line of sight and no obstructions blocking you from your opponent, shots will be fired at them constantly until they’re dead or out of range — leading some unfortunate victims who happen to enter into contact with this player while playing being instantly killed by him/her even if he wasn’t planning on attacking them beforehand. We also just released a brand new Battlefield 2042 hack if you get tired of playing PUBG.

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PUBG Recoil Cheats

There is a cheat for PUBG that eliminates the natural recoil of your weapon so you can aim steadily from shot to shot. This means you don’t have to adjust, which saves time and makes it much easier to take down opponents. So far this hack has not been detected by most anti-cheats or banned very often because there are bigger issues in game than eliminating gun recoil! We just released our new Call of Duty Vanguard Hacks!

PUBG ESP and Wallhack

From the time you join a game in PUBG, to when it’s all over and your rank is unchanged; nothing beats being one step ahead of others. The best way to do this? Make sure that they don’t even see you from behind! That’s what the PlayerUnknowns’ Battleground ESP does for its users – making them entirely invisible while still retaining visibility on enemies no matter where they go or hide. With complete knowledge about player positions at any given point in time, there will be absolutely nowhere left for players without an ESP hack can run off too.

Wallhacks are a popular type of hack that can either give the player an outline or light up their opponent’s armor. The PUBG ESP is difficult to detect and it would be near impossible for opponents in-game to prove any shenanigans going on, making this another easy way to commit suicide if you ever face someone using one. If you like PUBG then take a look at the new Splitgate hacks we have online.

PUBG Cheat Features


  • Name ESP: See the name of every enemy anywhere on the map.
  • Wallhack: See behind any objects.
  • Bounding Boxes: ESP Boxes.
  • Always Win: Beat the anti-cheat system with our hacks for PUBG.
  • Vehicle Hits: Run over more people by always being able to see them running for the new zone.
  • Distance: See how far away other players are located.
  • Custom Colors and Fonts: Change to what you enjoy.
  • Zone Surprises: Wait in the new zone and kill someone right when they make it inside.
  • Radar Hack: Shows you all enemies with PUBG ESP.


  • Aimbot: Hit one button, lock on, and then kill the enemy fast.
  • Custom aim key: Fire with the mouse or any keyboard key.
  • Visibility Checks: Aimbot won’t fire at someone behind an object.
  • Autoswitch: Change to someone else after your kill.
  • Custom FOV: Allow the aimbot to see certain distances.
  • Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat Measures if directions are followed.

Our PUBG Hack is super popular and the only VIP product you should use, don’t use anything free or you’ll get banned for sure! No other PUBG cheats can live up to the IWC standard.

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Can I Get Detected Using the PUGB Hacks?

No hack in the world is 100% undetectable so you can get detected when using any Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds hacks. Luckily, we have over 15 years of experience with anti-cheat and our detection/ban rate for all users has been below 2%. Our most popular product currently on site is PUBG mobile hacks since it’s one of the newest games available to play. If you like PUBG or are just looking for a safe way to cheat without being banned then this game should be your go-to option! We don’t include speed cheats such as other hacking products do but that helps keep us from getting caught.

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PUBG Mobile Hacks and How to Use Them

Do you need information on how to use PUBG Mobile hacks? We show you the best products to use and tell you where to get them. PUBG mobile hacks have some of the same features as the PC version. Game developers don’t currently have any way of stopping each hack that’s online because of the way PUBG Mobile was coded.

Here are a few key places to download and use a PUBG mobile hack.

  1. This Android PUBG Mobile hack has been downloaded over 4.3 million times.
  2. Omni Solutions has a new IOS PUBG Mobile Hack and you can try it for a day for only $3

If you want to use a PUBG mobile hack just make sure you read the reviews and check out what hacking techniques the developer uses and the features they offer. The two websites above seem to have working products for PUBG players.

See Every Player with Our ESP Hack

Don’t get stranded in the middle of anywhere! Our hack for PUBG shows all players so you can monitor where they go. As soon as 100 people are thrown into a plane ride and later dropped by parachutes, your adventure begins with survival and strategy. The first thing you need to do is gear up and make yourself combat-ready because it’s not always about who has better equipment or skills but also luck when encountering other survivors on this 18×18 km graphically rich battleground game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You will find items that have been scattered throughout buildings or houses which emit a slight glow to them such as weapons, armor, ammo boxes, etc., sometimes even vehicles like bikes if you’re lucky enough.

Some loot on the battlefield is a blessing, like food and first aid kits. Other times it’s just something to collect for those pesky missions that require you to bring back some supplies for your squad mates. If an item drops in front of them, they can pick it up by selecting “Take” when prompted with their weapon drawn – but if there are other items around or enemies nearby make sure you have time beforehand!


PUBG Hacking Techniques to Help You Win

  • Use PUBG ESP to see the enemy’s movement and target them before they see you.
  • ESP shows you downed players and weapons, use it to get the best weapons.
  • The aimbot turns green when it can lock onto the target.
  • Once the aimbot takes out a player the next one is targeted so keep holding the aimbot key.
  • YouTube has some great videos to help you see that hacking in PUBG is legit.
  • Earn Battle Points for being the best in every game.

Other PUBG Hacks and Cheats

The more popular cheats and hacks for PUBG can be easily detected, but there are a host of other simple ones that remain undetectable. For instance, the Quick-loot hack enables you to quickly gather all items on a loot pile before attracting attention which makes it deadly in these situations where time is essential. Other less known exploits include the flying car cheat which allows players to fly above buildings without being shot down by opponents from below as well as arm extension so they have an advantage over their foes when reloading weapons or switching hands while running around corners.

The same hacking programs for the PC work on Android and IOS phones. If you enjoy Apex Legends you may want to take a look at our new Outriders hacks.


PUBG Anti-Cheats

We are the best at what we do. The anti-cheats can’t detect our program and some people are asking us questions about why it works without banning cheaters. Our members in the IWantCheats community have no problem or issue with our hacks, and posts about them on Facebook reviews say they work great! We just updated the hack for PUBG mobile so that you could play against other players who haven’t downloaded as much of an update yet. Now even more people will be able to use these amazing products from a company dedicated solely to making hacking software available for everyone out there looking to improve their gaming experience. One of the top PUBG players actually uses one of our products.


How to download the best PUBG hacks?

There are many arguments about the fairness of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and how it is being made more unfair with hacks. When gaming personality Dr. Disrespect discovered a hack in late 2019, he was so infuriated that he quit the game altogether! However, this doesn’t mean players cannot get their own cheats to make up for what they’re missing out on from PUBG developer– or else give up playing altogether as D did. Don’t forget to check out our Rainbow Six Siege cheats before you go!

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