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PUBG New State Cheats, Hacks, Aimbot & Mods for Android & IOS

Mobile gaming has blown up with PUBG New State, the game had over 1 million downloads on the first day! Online games have blown up and when you install PUBG you’ll see why this new version is the best of the best.

The mobile gaming graphics are top notch and this battle royale game takes real time gameplay to the next level. Other cheats won’t touch our release so join IWantCheats now to become part of 1.4 million online members. Make sure you check out our PUBG hacks we released before you try New State!

PUBG New State Cheats

Game hacking is a hot topic in the gaming world, and it’s no different for PUBG Mobile. There are many methods available to players: mods that can be installed onto your device or game client; modded APKs which provide additional features like Aimbots and Headshots respectively by providing altered versions of these clients with particular functions enabled (ESP & Wallhack); improved AI Assistances which make killing much easier due their automatic aiming abilities combined Esp/Wall Hacks giving you full vision through walls at all times so even if there was an exploit inherent beforehand cheating has become possible too!

The following are helpful links for hackers who want to get into PUBG New State Hacks The scripts that can be found on this website will help automate the looting process, which means less time wasted during gameplay. There’s also bots available if you’re looking specifically at farming or other actions in your spare moments of downtime from adventuring around!


PUBG New State Aimbots

One of the most popular and useful cheats in PUBG is an aimbot. A trigger bot, if you will! The function stays true to its purpose – this particular cheat can be utilized by players who want their character’s firearm skills improved or those looking for easy kills without much effort on behalf of them personally (ease). Auto-aiming capabilities are just another bonus that come along with using one outfitted within your game account; meaning enemies won’t ever again surprise anyone when they’re shot down before anything else happens during gameplay sessions where someone might’ve expected more than two seconds’ worth happening between shots fired off into space somewhere beyond what our eyesight allows us see up close.

There are a lot of mods that include aimbots in them, so it’s easy to get one. This will help you win more rounds and farm free NC/BP as well as chicken medals for your stats! The best part about using an aiming program is the offense being able stay alive till end-of round which means they can potentially win their dinner too – not bad right? Install PUBG now and start owning the competition.


PUBG New State Hack Features

The current features for the PUBG New State Hack are listed below.


  • PUBG Aimbot: Hit one button, lock on, and then kill the enemy fast.
  • Custom aim key: Fire with the mouse or any keyboard key.
  • Visibility Checks: PUBG Aimbot won’t fire at someone behind an object.
  • Autoswitch: Change to someone else after your kill.
  • Custom FOV: Allow the PUBG aimbot to see certain distances.
  • Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat Measures if directions are followed.


  • Name ESP: See the name of every enemy anywhere on the map.
  • PUBG Wallhack: See behind any objects.
  • Bounding Boxes: ESP Boxes.
  • Always Win: Beat the anti-cheat system with our hacks for PUBG.
  • Vehicle Hits: Run over more people by always being able to see them running for the new zone.
  • Distance: See how far away other players are located.
  • Custom Colors and Fonts: Change to what you enjoy.
  • Zone Surprises: Wait in the new zone and kill someone right when they make it inside.
  • Radar Hack: Shows you all enemies with PUBG ESP radar hack.


  • DX11 AA,
  • Draw FPS,
  • Draw Time
  • Draw Resolution
  • Save/Load Settings( 5 slots )
  • Custom Crosshair ( 6 )
  • Custom Crosshair colors
  • Moveable Menu
  • Moveable 2D Radar
  • Custom 2D Radar size
  • Custom 2D Radar fade

New State Wallhacks

The use of graphics data and hacking methods have made finding items on the map easier for players. With this information, they can identify important things such as enemies or vehicles by what color boxes appear around them in different shapes like skulls with green eyes. These tools also show where loot might be hidden so it becomes much less tedious to find certain resources while still allowing you some sense that skill plays an integral part in gameplay!

When you need to know how well your shots will go in game, these aimbots are the way to go. If it’s not cheating then what would be more efficient than using an app on our phone that does all of this for us? The only thing better is getting infinite ammo and health packs as well!

The best part about playing with Auto Aim Cheats (AAC) modded weapons or esp hacks enabled by default settings- aside from being fun–is having greater chances at survival because enemies can’t see through their radar when they’re invisible thanks again software allowing players total control over visibility during gameplay.


PUBG New State Generators

All online resource generators for PUBG New State Mod APK are fake. – There’s no working generator of free NC, unlimited BP or skins that can be unlocked with stats like your account save data which is stored on the KRAFTON game servers–computers you cannot modify in any way using offline tools and also aren’t editable via an internet browser either!

Hacking game servers is possible, but the only way to do it would be through hacking your device- meaning on either an Android or iOS phone. However even without this kind of access any tools that are created for hacking data will not work because all they can modifying is what’s inside our phones; which means nothing illegal has happened yet and no one really wants go down in history as being convicted with virtual mobile game cash fun bucks!

PUBG New State Hacks: Why Do People Use Them?

You may find yourself wondering why people cheat PUBG: New State in the first place, and we wish that there was a simple answer. The truth is everyone cheats for their own reasons but those aren’t quite as different from person-to-person than you might think!

With the rise of battle royale games like PUBG: New State, more and more people are resorting to cheating in order for their success. This is because these types of online multiplayer experiences often have odds that make it nearly impossible at getting ahead – especially if you’re playing against someone who has similar skills as yourself or better yet on your team!

People enjoy cheating in PUBG: New State because they can do things that would otherwise be impossible. It’s important to remember that some people like to cheat because they feel peer pressured. If you play PUBG: New State with your competitive friends, it is likely the case for many of us need hacks just so we can keep up and not let them down!

A person’s need to win often leads them towards Cheating and using cheats, but this isn’t just about wanting victory; there’re other reasons such as Hacking which becomes more common for those who play Fortnite with bots than solo mode–bots help players level up much faster by getting experience points from killing enemies or carrying out tasks assigned upon command (such as disabling complex security systems).

Some cheats allow you to fly or teleport around the map while others will let you noclip through walls and objects. If all that’s necessary for a little experimentation is pushing your limits in-game, then these cheat codes are perfect!

Modding (mods) & Mod Menus

Mods are a quick and easy way to get what you need in PUBG. They’re accessible for both Android and iOS users, popular with gamers of all levels because they don’t require any hacking skills or technical knowledge on behalf of the player! You can install PUBG on your Android device or IOS system now and use state apk to win every round. Any mobile devices work with the current releases.

Filled with hacks that come pre-programmed inside their game files themselves (APKs), modification becomes simple enough even if your device doesn’t offer official access like some VR headsets do when paired up through Bluetooth – which also means there’s no more excuse not try them out yourself since installing mods is as straightforward an affair one can expect these days: just download.


APK Mods for PUBG New State

The demand for Android game cheats is on the rise, with many people downloading them to gain unfair advantages in PUBG New State Mod APK. Mobile apps are usually where you can find mods that offer these types of modifications but it’s important not only look there if your looking up what kind of modding tools exist because APKs (and OBB files) account for more than 40%of all downloaded content according to Google Play Store traffic statistics alone so don’t discount them out of hand!

The future of mobile computing is here, and it’s on your phone. You can’t use hacks or third-party apps without rooting the device – but there are ways around that! We recommend using emulators like GenY motion to protect yourself from potential malware infection while still having access for all your favorite games available at any time with just one tap away.

While some people might think installing hacked APK files onto an unrooted Android phone will give them complete control over what they do within their own personal space inside cyberspace; however ,the installation process often requires not only installation but also replacing .OBB Files.

Exploits & Glitches

Glitches in the New State Mod APK game app or servers allow for unfair advantages such as duplicating items and getting god mode. Glitching under buildings usually means that players with bad intent can glitch themselves out, which is dangerous because they’ll be able to see through walls of other people’s houses!

With unlimited ammo there isn’t much left for anyone else–so just make sure you always have enough supplies on hand before using this strategy. Finally we come across cheat options like hacked weapons (think automatic guns), free NC cash/BP inventory space usage etc., all things typically unattainable without outside help from another player who has accidentally stumbled upon your location while searching around town.

For those who are looking for an edge in PUBG, exploiting is the best way to go about it. However, this will not be easy as there’s always a chance of getting caught and punished by developer retaliation which could range anywhere from temporary game loss up to permanent suspension or deletion altogether depending on how serious they deem your crime deserving of being done without any rooting involved whatsoever

Mod Money

It’s a common misconception that modding your game will give you unlimited money. It has been confirmed by developer Bluehole, and there are no plans on changing this anytime soon due to server processing limitations imposed upon them as well!

So even if someone were able to crack open this one aspect of PUBG Corp.’s security net or bypass their anti-cheat software somehow – don’t count on getting freebies any time soon.

Downloading any of these files is a big mistake. They’re not going to have what you want and the downloads might even be malware! You should only try it on an emulator or your physical device so that everything stays safe for now, but we warn people enough as is enough.


Emulators for Mouse & Keyboard

Imagine not only having the most accurate control method, but aim assist on top of that as well and what you end up with may be an “aimbot” for how extremely powerful it is.

With hacks being so hard to detect in games like Pubg or PUBG New State Mod APK – which are typically keyboard-and mouse controlled competitive shooter esport titles–the use if emulators becomes one of those underrated yet important tools available within these types video game genres because they enable PC gameplay.

The PUBG developers are no strangers to the mobile gaming market. They’ve implemented advanced methods for blocking emulators from using their game app by default, but this can be easily circumvented with APK mods and other modified files soon enough – there’s currently not a legitimate iOS emulator out there on any platform (the only way you’ll get controller support in-game will just have be via an Android Emulator paired up with some apks).

PUBGNS Radar Hack

The radar cheats allow you to see the location of enemies and items much like an extra sense, but they display these targets differently. While a sixth-sense would show them on your screen as if by magic–the kind where someone walks up behind you without warning or waves their hand in front for attention first!–radar hacks make it possible with just one small readout showing what’s happening around (often outside) all levels before us!

Radar hacks are customizable, allowing you to change the size of your radar display and its transparency. You can also alter how far in advance it shows enemies with a high degree of accuracy or just show them on-screen for all players without having any knowledge that they’re being watched by one person – this way even if someone does have ESPs there will be no advantage over others who don’t!

Additionally, changing colors allows allies become more distinguishable from foes so nobody gets mixed up during battle anymore; furthermore these typesof modifications allow players using both traditional aids like motion sensors but also newer technologies such remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).


Game Hacking Tools

These game hacking tools are for advanced users with some experience editing and modding mobile games already – they can do what all other client side chats (purchased or otherwise) have been able accomplish, but won’t require any updates making looking for your PUBG New State Mod APK unnecessary!

However using Game Editing Tools like Gam eGuardian Android / Cheat Engine PC Emulator will require patience as well as willingness to learn or follow along in order succeed; but if you’re willing then these programs offer an amazing way make “unlimited” Mario coins within seconds flat without having spend another penny on coins ever again.”

There are also automated scripts, such as LUA scripts that can be used to automate the process of modding and act as your game menus.

They will require updating every time there’s a patch or update from Ubisoft however because it acts like another form of software on top for their games system itself rather than being embedded directly within them themselves which means this task needs two different versions instead just one: an up-to date version we release publicly via google drive fileshare services; alongside our older unpatched builds stored privately at cloud storage locations.

Conclusion & Hack Downloads for PUBG New State

There are many different types of cheats that can be used in PUBG. One way to get around them, though not without consequences for your gaming experience, is using emulators on Android-based devices like the Motorola Nexus 6P or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with game controllers connected via Bluetooth – this will enable keyboard and mouse controls as well! Any PUBG New State Mod APK will allow you to always win.

120fps mode (enabled by default) also helps give you plenty more time between shots when playing Missile Royale; while radar hacks allow players an advantage over their foes… But don’t forget all those other fun things too: aimbots help take down enemies just one shot at a time while wallhacks destroy everything.


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