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Love the aimbot guys

I've been testing the Modern Warfare aimbot with the team and it's amazing! Wait until this thing gets released, you'll be getting major nuke unlocks every game you play.

by Steven on XERA Hacks
Tested it and love it

I was part of the testing team for the Xera hacks and they were amazing!

by John on DayZ Sa Hacks
DayZ cheat is awesome

I tried the Dayz cheat and it works great, the aimbot is spot on and I win every round I play.

by Donavan on The Culling Hack
Amazing game but no players

This game is so much fun and the cheat rocks but they dont really have many players so its hard to find a server.

Blacklight Retribution hack is 5 star

This is the only hack I ever used for the game and I love it. The support here is amazing and the staff is awesome.

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