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Like the N64 version

I love this PC mod its exactly like the N64 version and the hacks make it amazingly fun.

by okulmavi on Apex Legends Hacks
I love this cheat

So I am a new user of this site and I have played games like PUBG and CS:GO with cheats from other sites but to be honest none of them was helpful like iwantcheats they have really nice attitude to their... read more

by ctmaomao on Apex Legends Hacks
Love chams but want the aimbot

I have been using chams cheat for a week. Its working great, and cheap price compared to others. Most importantly the staffs working very hard and quick everyday to make it continuing working. I ... read more

by 1520843614 on Apex Legends Hacks
Great cheat and works perfectly

I have been using the cheat for few days. Overall, cheap price compared to others, pretty charms, easy to use, very responsive staffs. I know coders are still working hard on the main parts like aimbot... read more

by G510Drank on Apex Legends Hacks
The cheat is great but let us adjust brightness

Positive: The cheat is working flawless. You can see every player from across the map. It's very simple to use. Inject and ready to go without hustling about settings and stuff. Negative ... read more

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