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Win every single time now

I have early access to Showdown and I was getting killed and scared from all the monsters so I decided to grab the hack. I love the hack, it works great and I can finally see everyone at all times. This... read more

More fun than BF or COD

This game is way more fun than BF or COD and I love the action, try it out with the aimbot it works great.

by Matt on Ironsight Hacks
Combat Arms Killer

I played Combat Arms for years and loved it but the game got out dated and I got tired of it. Then IS was released and this game is amazing and fun. The aimbot hack rocks and I rage kill every single ... read more

Winner Winner

Using this hack I'm getting the chicken dinner every game.

by Carlos on SWBF2 Hacks
Best game online period

I'm not sure why this game doesnt have a massive following, I play it 6 hours daily and love it. The aimbot makes it more fun and easier to play, especially with the sniper rifle.

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