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by Bud on SWBF2 Hacks
It's really undetected

I've used this hack for over a week and I play 8+ hours a day and I'm not banned. I was also able to unlock everything in a few days and you'll get the most points every round, if you want the best undetected... read more

Amazing and the only undetected hack anywhere

Love this hack, I see every player at all times and it's undetected, talk about fun! This actually makes the game better and more enjoyable for me.


Win every single round because you can see everyone lol, to bad for the developers.

by Steph on CSGO Hack Review
The aimbot rocks

This is the only aimbot I ever used where I haven't been detected, legit site, all the way.

by Steve on Black Squad Hack
Fun game with cheats

I just got Black Squad it's like Combat Arms but better graphics and more fun, this hack really helps and it's more fun because you can dominate every game.

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