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by Mischel on SWBF2 Hacks
Aimbot is a must

In the Star Wars Battlefront II beta the start had me on the other side of the map and everyone would snipe me everytime the map started. I noticed one guy kept killing me and saying "Iwantchats killed... read more

by Don on COD WW2 Hacks
Best COD to date

COD WW2 is my favorite Call of Duty game and I've played them all, the IWC hack gives me full ESP (I dont use the aimbot) so I can see the enemy behind walls etc. I like having the added surprise factor... read more

by Steven on SWBF2 Hacks
Best SWBF2 Aimbot anywhere

I got to beta test the SWBF2 Aimbot and it's amazing, you can kill people super fast and I unlocked every weapon and add-on in the beta when I was testing it. Get this hack you won't be sorry.

by Martin on COD WW2 Hacks
Fastest aimbot I ever used

Loved beta testing this hack the aimbot is super fast and kills everyone in seconds. You can rage kill the entire enemy or set it up on human aim to look like a legit player, get it now!

by Tyler on COD WW2 Hacks
Love the aimbot

I've been playing the COD WW2 beta and using the aimbot (testing for the team) and I love it! I get kill streaks galore and unlocked everything already lol. This is the best site for any COD related hacks... read more

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