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Undetected for me for 3 weeks

I've been using the PUBG hack for over 3 weeks and I haven't been banned. I play 5 - 8 hours daily and kill at least 4 people every round, no issues at all.

Not banned and works great

I purchased the pubg hack two weeks ago and I haven't been banned, I play at least 4 hours every single day. The hack helps you see every player so you can easily camp in the center of play and get the... read more

Still undetected after testing

I joined the PUBG hack testing team a little over 6 weeks ago and I'm still using the cheat with no issues. I hope they release to the publix soon, it really helps you play the game. =)

by Carl on CSGO Hack Review
Amazing cheat with no ban issue

I've been using this cheat for about 60 days and I haven't had one problem. It works great and if you play smart you'll never get reported.

Best hack around

The nice thing is you don't have to send in any information to buy and use this hack. Other sites ask for drivers license, bills, etc and they are all still detected lol

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