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by Matt on For Honor Hack
I can't be killed

I ordered the For Honor hack today and I can't say enough good things about it, the auto block is amazing because I can't be hurt. By the time the other user gets in one hit I'm taking him out. If you... read more

by Steven on For Honor Hack
Guard Break Interrupt Rocks!

The reason I bought the hack was for the Guard Break Interrupt and Auto Block features, they work great! If you want to win every battle this is the way to go.

by Martin on For Honor Hack
lol at auto block hack

I just tried the auto block hack and it's so funny, enable it and go use the bathroom or grab some food, you can't be hit. The bot blocks every attack and nobody can kill you, get the hack now it's great... read more

by Jonathan on For Honor Hack
Auto block is awesome

Just got the cheat today and I love it, the auto block feature allows me to kill anyone I battle. If you love For Honor get the hack, you won't be sorry.

by David on For Honor Hack
Love this hack!

I've been waiting for the For Honor hack for a few days, you guys showed off the beta images and I went nuts! Thanks for finally releasing it today, I've had the game a few hours and it's not the same... read more

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