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The Rust Cheat is online now and you can get it instantly when you register on our sister site right now. If you don’t have the Rust game yet please grab it on Steam by clicking here and start playing the largest MMO in the world today. Rust is a new survival game created by a team at Facepunch Studios. The game was inspired by DayZ, Minecraft, Stalker and Infestation Survivor Stories. Currently the game is only in alpha but thousands of players are on 200 player servers already.

Rust Hacks

Rust hacks

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Rust Hack

Our Rust hack will allow you to always see every player, sleeper, zombie, items, animals and more. Basically anything that is on the map you can target and find. The main theme of Rust is to survive using resources and items you have to search for around the map. If your like us you don’t want to run all over for hours and hours searching, instead you would rather use a Rust hack like ours and find anything you want instantly. The game is actually fun because you have to do things like hit a tree with a rock to get wood or if you hit another rock you get ore. Then if you have wood you can craft a new hatchet and gather supplies faster. You also don’t just hunt for other people in the game, you can kill boars, chickens, rabbits, bear, wolves, deer and more. The game really is fun but our Rust hack will make it even better and allow you to enjoy the game more.

Rust Aimbot

If you ever played Rust without using a cheat you might notice someone will kill you without you even being able to see them. The reason why is because they are using our Rust aimbot, this allows them to find you, aim and lock onto your head and kill you instantly. So why do you want to play without a cheat? It will take you 10 or more hours to find and build everything you need and then another player will take it all away from you almost instantly, don’t let that happen. You can see the image below shows off the ESP and the aimbot will actually lock onto the head of the player so you can kill them quick.

Rust No Clip Rust god Mode

Another way to cheat in Rust for free is to simply buy your own server, it seems the game developers left all the code in the alpha for you to cheat with lol. So people will buy a 200 player server to make them and their friends an admin, after that you can enable god mode and you never die. You can also call in tons of air drops, check out the image below where I show that off, pretty funny isn’t it? Having your on game server also allows you to use no clip and tons of other cheating options like dupe, etc.

You can download the new Rust cheats by visiting our sister website, the image is below. Enjoy Rust and have fun acting like a caveman!


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