Top 5 Perks in COD Ghosts

Once you unlock all the perks with a push of the button with our Call of Duty Ghosts hack – these are the ones we suggest you try out!

Steady Aim

Decreases your hip-fire spread by 30% with Steady Aim. Less hip-fire spread on every gun in the game. Perfect for close-quarters combat. Don’t aim, just shoot.


Move faster while aiming your weapon’s sights down with the Stalker Perk. Using he perk will make it much easier to get to cover while firing or avoiding enemy fire.


Reduce weapon sway when aiming down and reduce flinching when you get shot.


Grab ammo from fallen enemies with the Scavenger Perk. The longer you survive, the more ammo you get.


If you only use one perk, it would have to be Quickdraw. Aim down the sights twice as fast. With close quarters combat in Call of Duty Ghosts, being the first one to aim and shoot is essential.


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