Why Hack and Why You Think I’m a SOB

The Morning Routine and Violence Against Me

I wake up every morning, have my coffee, eat some breakfast and zone out for a few minutes while I pull myself together from the deep sleep I just had. I know soon I’ll have to log into my computer (it’s still running from last night with 20 windows open) and start checking all the hack sites. The first thing I do is login to check comments and I’m always greeted with a message like this “You SOB, why do you make cheats, I hope you die, I hope your family dies, get cancer and die” or something along those lines. So I decided to write an article on Why Hack and Why You Think I’m a SOB.

mad gamer

Why such hostility towards me at such an early hour in the morning? The sad one of the 25 comments I got over night to approve or trash, 2 of them were good, the rest asked Why hack? So why are people so hostile towards me or other cheaters? I’ve thought it over and come to a few conclusions. First of all the person has had his ass handed to him on a game server one to many times from other hackers or he simply never tried hacks for himself and just wants to rage on someone else because he thinks it’s lame.

But Why Hack and Why You Think I’m a SOB?

You grew up sitting in your bed thinking about being a super hero, c’mon now, don’t act like a bad ass, everyone wanted to fly through the air like Superman at one time or the other. The really amazing thing about hacks is that it allows you to be the Super Hero you always wanted to be. Take our Infestation hack for example, it has over 40 amazing features and allows you to do things like fly to the top of the map and see the entire world around you, we call it the “Superman View” (yes I came up with that).

superman viewWithout the use of our code you can never see the map like this at all, you can see from the view all zombies, enemies and loot can be spotted easily, it’s great to use!

You can also press your aimbot key and lock your weapon onto the enemy, they can run, duck, jump or try to hide but the weapon will stay locked on them at all times. When I’m ready, I press fire once and they die, then I can run over and taunt them a little or tea bag them if I really want to rub it in. People still kept asking why hack these games, it isn’t fun is it? So I always have to explain in every more depth and show off a little video like this one below of me hacking.

Using hacks allows you to do super human things in video games you could never do before without hacks. It will make your game more fun, it gives you the added bonus of being able to taunt people and act like you played the game for hundreds of hours. Let me give you a short scenario of how it works with and without hacks, just so you can understand the difference.

Playing Shooter Games Without Hacks
I just got my load out and I’m ready to go, every gun in place, everyone is spawned in the map and the count down clock is running……. 3, 2, 1! I take off and run to the first Jeep I see, I hop in and beep the horn for others to hurry the hell up, when everyone gets in and were all full I take off. I start to laugh a bit as other players are trying to jump on the roof and get inside other cars taking off (oh well they get to walk I think). I drive to the other side of the map, I jump out and run around the corner to hide *BAM* headshot, I’m dead.

I respawn again and this time I go to the top of a skyscraper, I get my sniper rifle, run to the edge and look down. I slowly zoom my sniper rifle in and spot someone on the ground (woohooo I’m going to get a kill) when a guy comes behind me, grabs my neck and knifes me….. I simply get mad and say “sh$t” out loud to the computer screen.

Watch the video below, that’s usually what happens to me when I’m not using hacks, if I was using a cheat my body would have flipped around, locked onto the players head and killed him before he could knife me.

This type scenario is usually repeated over and over again in shooter games until you finally start to get a little better after 10 – 20 hours of gameplay or you start using hacks.

Now Let’s Talk About Playing a Shooter Game WITH Hacks
This is exactly what happened when I used my first hack in a game. I had actually been playing one of the popular Battlefield series games and some guy had 90+ kills every single round, so I asked him “how are you getting that score” and he finally told me he was using an aimbot. So I quit the game, went to Google and typed in the game I was playing plus aimbot behind it and low and behold I found my first hack site. I went to the site, looked over a few reviews, signed up, download the program and went straight back into the game using it without reading any directions.

I was about to spawn in the game again, but this time I noticed every single one of my team had green boxes around them. They also had their name floating above their head, a health bar beside them, distance to each one listed and what weapon they were using. I moved my mouse around to look at the other side of the map and noticed 30 or so smaller red boxes with the same information. This is what we refer to as ESP and it allows you to see every player, weapon and vehicle in the game at all times, OMG I was so excited, I’m now like a super human I thought! This is a good example of how ESP works, you can see where every enemy player is located behind the wall in front of me.

battlefield 4 esp hack

My mouth was still hanging open when the round started so I was the one to miss the Jeeps and tanks this time around, everyone left me. So I could either wait for a vehicle to respawn or take off, so I started sprinting. Remember now, I didn’t read all the instructions about the cheat and guess what happened? When I hit the sprint key my player ran faster than every Jeep, helicopter and plane on the level! I got to the other side of the map before everyone else and noticed a small red box inside a building camping behind a wall. I slowly made my way into the building where I was on the other side of the wall, I aimed my gun at the red box and fired, the guy died and he never even saw me coming, OMG this rocks I thought.

So using hacks is a huge advantage to the average or poor player and really makes the game more fun! I would like to say it’s actually an addiction because once you try it you can never go back to playing legit, it just isn’t fun anymore.

Now watch the video below showing off our Battlefield 4 hack (more on it here) and see how the game looks when your using a full cheat. Notice how you can see the enemy in red, that means you can’t hit them because something is blocking them, but when they turn green they can be killed! Watch how I kill people clear across the map with my sniper rifle, wow it’s fun! This is why people use hacks and this is why you should become a member today and at least try it for yourself.

Top 10 Reason You SHOULD Use Hacks

  1. Unlock every weapon faster
  2. Rank up faster and get more awards
  3. You will have so much more fun playing the game
  4. Your like a super human or super hero
  5. Win every round and look like a pro player
  6. Sneak up on campers and scare them
  7. You get a great community of 150K other hackers to play with
  8. Chase one person the entire game and kill him over and over again
  9. Because you will be a bad ass and you’ll smile all day long
  10. Kill and taunt anyone and make them rage quit (ok that’s a little mean, but fun)

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7 thoughts on “Why Hack and Why You Think I’m a SOB

  1. Tom Stevens says:

    Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be A Hacker (A reply to the above reasons you should be a hacker)…

    1) Because earning things is just so hard. 🙁 I can almost forgive this one, except in multiplayer you’re getting the unlocks at the expense of the non-hackers.

    2) See above

    3) First off, you’re having fun at everyone else’s expense. Second, you’re someone very special if you can call that fun, letting a program do for you what you can’t do because you can’t or won’t try/practice/get better… which is where the fun comes from.

    4) You aren’t superhuman, your program is… get that through your head. You aren’t a hero, you’re a zero. Here’s the thing… you don’t have to be. Practice, work at it, and it will come.

    5) Yes, you will most likely win… or rather your program will. You’ll look like a pro for all of 5 seconds though because players know cheats when they’re used, you aren’t fooling anyone.

    6) I can sneak up on campers, even without dead silence… practice your movement and you don’t need hacks.

    7) Thanks for ruining the pc community, which is dwindling more and more because of you.

    8) Now you’re just being a mean person. FFS, you don’t need to be playing any game if you’re like this. A community of cheaters, just what you wanted to be associated with!

    9) FFS! You aren’t a badass, your program is. You’re just a slacker who can’t be bothered to put in the time, effort, and practice. I’m no pro but with practice and time I can whoop on most players HACK FREE.

    10) Brilliant!

    Back in 2007 when I was playing CoD4:MW1 we had the odd, occasional person would use hacks… and we made fun of them and ran them out. They were few and far between, and didn’t stick around that long… they were by and large unwanted, unneeded. I wasn’t very good at the time, but I put in the time and effort, and was average to above average… and that was cool, I would earn my stripes, my unlocks, my awards. I felt good. I honestly don’t see how anyone can feel good about themselves when they’re cheating the community, both of fun and their hard earned and spent money. If you use cheats/hax, you’re mean, plain and simple. But you don’t have to be. Instead of contributing to making the pc gaming community smaller and not fun, be part of the solution to making it bigger and better and telling these clowns that make hacks to stop.


  2. Denise L. says:

    You should try the cheats first! =)

  3. joey says:

    People that have no sense of gaming skill and have no talent at gaming cheat, instead they should be trying something else if they suck at gaming. I suck at soccer, it doesn’t mean I’m going to cheat at it, I just wont play it.

  4. John says:

    I am not gonna lie, for a long time, I thought hacks were for losers who didn’t have a life. Well, for those of you who say “OOOOOHHHHH, YOU IDIOTS USE HAAACCCKKKS”, well, I don’t know why you are here. After playing Day Z SA and watching hacks, now I am wanting hacks. Thanks for this epic website and don’t stop coding you guys!

  5. Wellington says:

    The true feeling of being a superhuman comes from legitimate win without cheating. I play call of duty series since 2007, and never used hacks, because it is not you who is winning, is your pc. Is still absurd to me that people can feel happy for a victory which has no merit.
    I know that the ability to knock opponents only come with many hours of play, but do not believe the right way is to be lazy, and appeal to unworthy resources by 99% of players.

  6. MattiAceGaming says:

    Cheating is good.

  7. BmB says:

    It’s not fun to win without effort. It’s not fun to be beaten by someone who put in no effort.

    When you play with hacks you play at the expense of everyone else playing. You are literally a sociopath and you need to grow up and realize that you are playing with other people who also need to have fun.

    In a large game like battlefield a single hacker can ruin the game for up to 63 people at a time. Think about that.

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